U Won’t Believe What Ex TV Host Rolonda Watts’ NEW JOB Is Now!

Posted On : September 16, 2016

We all remember when Rolonda Watts had a successful stint as talk show host in the 90’s. On her show she covered many topics of substance about social issues and such. That was until the mid to late 90’s gossip crave-Jerry Springer-fist-fights-fueled- talk show take over. Well now she has a VERY surprising career. You are NOT gonna believe this…


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After "The Rolonda Show" ended, we didn't hear much from her for a few years. But then her unique, raspy voice caught our attention again when she returned to television as an announcer for "Judge Joe Brown" and "Divorce Court." Well now her unique voice and gift of gab has allowed her to add three new careers to her resume' and one of them will probably COMPLETELY catch y'all of guard, much like it  it did us, here at ILOSM. Check out what Rolonda's new shocking career is>>>

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