Uh Oh! Jada Pinkett-Smith Is Pissed..Goes Off About Her Portrayal In Tupac Movie

Posted On : June 16, 2017

Listen up ILOSM, Jada Pinkett-Smith wants y’all to know one thing: The new Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me, is full of alternative facts…at least when it comes to her portrayal with ‘Pac.

Jada Pinkett-Smith and her friend, Tupac Shakur

In case y’all haven’t heard by now, Pac’s estate has just released his biopic in theaters, under much anticipation from his millions of fans. It damn near had a chance for the rolling credits of it’s first showing to roll, before Jada stared sounding off on social media about it.

In her continued effort to get the message across that although she and ‘Pac kissed ‘once’ back in the day and that they were ‘just friends,’ she had a lot to say about the portrayal of their ‘friendship’ in All Eyez On Me.

Demetrius Shipp (as Tupac) and Kat Graham (as Jada Pinkett) in “All Eyez On Me” biopic

As many of us know, Jada and Tupac were really ‘good friends’ ever since they attended high school together in Baltimore, MD in the 80’s. So it was only natural that she be included in the film. However, apparently she didn’t have any input into her portrayal though, because on Twitter she went off about specific parts of the film she says are straight up lies.

Jada took issue with a poem that ‘Pac wrote about his deep love for her. Although she didn’t deny that the poem (shown below) is real, she says she didn’t even know it existed until after Pac’s post-humous poetry book was released.¬†She also said that they never argued backstage at his show- a scene that was in the biopic.

Tupac’s poem to Jada

Although she’s “deeply” hurt” by her portrayal, she still kept it classy by giving actor,¬†Demetrius Shipp (‘Tupac’), and actress, Kat Graham (‘Jada’), their props for their excellent acting in the film.

Check Jada’s flurry of Tweets below:



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