Uh Oh!!! Quincy Goes ALL The Way OFF On Today’s Singers & Rappers

Posted On : October 7, 2014

quincy jones blog pic

Quincy has never been one to hold his tongue for anyone and a recent interview he did was no different. He got right to the point when asked about what he thought about today’s music makers and he said this…by the way there’s a lil’ bit of curse words in here…

Via Page Six:

“What we need is a minister of culture to preserve jazz and blues. We’re the antithesis of Beethoven. Our music came from animals. From African life sources. Workers rites, circumcision rites. That’s where music began.

“All these kids today do it for money. Those bitches and ho’s are making millions. It’s me who helped bring them, my new brothers, into the business. God walks out of the room if you’re doing it for money. Never pimp the hood.”


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