Vivica Fox Claps Back At Phaedra Parks Over Her Post With 50 Cent

Posted On : July 6, 2018

By now, we all know Vivica Fox don’t play when it comes to 50 Cent. It’s no secret the two have history. So, when former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks decided to dote on the famed rapper/actor, surprisingly it made Vivica feel some kind of way.

What she said about the situation has left social media users with their mouths wide open. Vivica had no problem draggin’ Phaedra to hell and you’ll definitely be shocked to hear what she had to say. All the drama started a few days ago when Phaedra shared a post of herself with the Power star.

Feelin’ 50:

According to EurWeb, on Sunday, July 1, Phaedra took to Instagram with the photo of her and 50. Her caption turned quite a few heads because she seemed to be doting on the rapper/actor – kinda how she did with Shemar Moore. However, Phaedra was quick to let fans know she and 50 weren’t an item. In honor of the season five premiere of Power, Phaedra wrote, “You don’t rock with #Power??????? @50cent. . . .get the strap. Tune in now for Season5. Sidenote: Before y’all start the chatter he ain’t Mr. Chocolate. Everybody knows his strap will have you sprung for 20 years and ain’t nobody got time for that!!! I have 2 kings and too many jobs but he smells amazing and is plum fine so keep him in your top 3 fantasy roster”

Check out the post:

It’s important to note that Phaedra did set the record straight about 50 to nip any possible dating rumors, but apparently, that doesn’t count for much; at least, not according to Vivica. So, why is Vivica givin’ Phaedra the side eye? Apparently, Phaedra tried it with Vivica when she slid in her DM just to tell her she took a picture with 50. Vivica quickly clapped back and shared the details with fans.

Vivica Claps Back:

After Phaedra shared her photo with 50, Vivica jumped on Instagram and clapped back. With a screenshot of Phaedra’s DM, she wrote, “Hhhmm…When u have to break out dem receipts on another TOXIC TRICK! THE NERVE TO TEXT ME!? GURL BYE I SEE YOU! I ain’t new to this I’m true to THIS!”

Check out Vivica’s post:

Hmm… Phaedra’s actions could have been innocent, but given her reputation, fans aren’t so sure. In fact, many have agreed with Vivica that somethin’ in the buttermilk ain’t clean. One person wrote to Phaedra, “Why do you feel you need to always be messy? You are raising 2 King’s and this is not what they need to see from a woman of God or mother.” Another agreed telling Phaedra, “You saying too much tho like that long caption to say what. Stop throwing shade to other black women.”

However, Phaedra does have a few faithful fans who don’t see anything wrong with the DM. One fan wrote, “This entire situation is childish. I definitely didn’t take that as shade. She has vivs number for a reason. Instead of claudia supporting messiness, she needs to focus on herself. The nerve of grown women to act like this. smh. there was no reason to post this text, and this may be 1 of the many reasons ms fox does not have a family yet. as women we need to support each other instead of tearing each other down. i found absolutely no shade in what Phaedra said but playfullness”

Do you think Phaedra was throwin’ a lil shade? Share your thoughts.

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