Unbelievable! See Why The Former “Family Matters” Kid Just Got Arrested!

Posted On : February 18, 2016

fb family matters orlando brown*Update* 11:40 central time: Orlando Brown has posted several Instagram messages on his IG page revealing that while he did get in trouble with the law and that he’s headed to court today, he claims that the law enforcement sources claims (via TMZ) that he hit his wife are not true. In one of his posts, he said that ‘TMZ and the devil are a lie.’ He just never clarified the drug charges though…hopefully what Orlando’s saying about is true…hopefully. Check out the IG post below of him and his wife and then see the original details of what he is being accused of below:



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Original article: 10:46 central time
Remember the witty kid from the 90’s show, Family Matters? Yeah we’re talking about the one who had all that charisma and whose acting skills were like he’d been on this earth for 50 years as opposed to the 10 years he was here when he was on the show.

Well unfortunately all of that talent hasn’t been put to use much lately (with the exception of an appearance in the recent film, Straight Outta Compton), so it sounds like after actor, Orlando Brown, was no longer starring in the hit Disney series, That’s So Raven (which ended some years ago), he’s had a lot of free time on his hands to get caught up into some illegal and foul activity.
orlando brown thats so ravenHe was arrested recently and his arrest had to be one of the most historic and easiest arrests for any cop to make in the history of law enforcement. Know why? Because he was in a police parking lot when he committed the alleged crime.

The illegal crime was that he had meth on him. The foul crime is that he allegedly hit his girlfriend and all of this went down right there outside of the doors of the police department, where several officers were no more than about 15 to 20 feet away, ready and willing to slap the cuffs on Orlando…crazy right?

Here are the details of how this incident transpired via TMZ:
orlando bloom mugshot 2-19

Ex-Disney star Orlando Brown pulled into a police station parking lot while arguing with his girlfriend and then allegedly struck her, while he had meth on him.

Law enforcement sources tell us the bizarre incident went down in January in Torrance, CA when someone using a nearby ATM spotted the “That’s So Raven” star in the car. We’re told the witness saw the couple arguing and called police … who were conveniently located.

Brown initially refused to leave his car, according to our sources — but once cops got him into jail, they found methamphetamine on him. We’re told his girlfriend was not seriously injured.

Brown’s been charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, obstruction of justice and 2 felonies — drug possession with intent to sell, and having contraband in jail.

I’m not sure if Orlando was actually taking the meth that he’s being accused of selling, but if those claims are true, the dude had to have been high on something to think that it was a smart move to actually pull up to a police station with meth on him and strike a woman.
orlando brown4I don’t know what’s going wrong in the brotha’s life right now to make him get caught up in such an unfortunate situation, but I hope he can get his mind right real soon. He is an incredibly talented actor and he’s only 28 years old, so he has a lot of time to right his wrongs, continue building his legacy and set a great example for the youngins coming up behind him.

Unfortunately this isn’t Orlando’s first arrest, he’s been arrested at least three other times since 2007- twice for a DUI and once for possession of marijuana. In another alleged incident, a woman Orlando knows, called the cops on him in 2014 after she said he threatened to kill her, her mother, and her daughter and she told 911 that he was standing outside of her apartment screaming at her…Orlando said that wasn’t him, but police didn’t believe him…not sure if he was ever arrested for that though.
orlando brown holding micAs of late, Orlando has been working on new music because he isn’t only an actor, he’s rap artist. He’s recorded songs with artists like T-Pain, Akon, Pimp C, Raven Symone, and others in the past, and like we mentioned earlier, his most recent acting gig was in the 2015 NWA film, Straight Outta Compton. Hopefully Orlando will get back on track and not continue the path that far too many former childhood actors eventually follow after they have fallen out of the spotlight…right now it sounds like he’s traveling that road.

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