Usher Gives Bold 1st Public Performance After STD Scandal, Crowd Goes Wild

Posted On : July 31, 2017
Usher  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Usher has been going THROUGH it lately. For the past couple weeks he’s been pretty much hiding his face from public view after reports surfaced regarding him allegedly giving two women the herpes simplex 2 virus.

The internet has been buzzin’ ever since RadarOnline revealed a $1.1 million lawsuit settlement Usher reportedly paid a woman in 2012 for allegedly infecting her with herpes. The report also stated that Usher had allegedly admitted to the woman that he’d been infected with the virus since 2009 or 2010. Then another woman came forward and revealed her recent herpes diagnosis, hitting the “Let It Burn” R&B legend with a $20 million lawsuit of her own.

Usher first peaked his head out from behind secluded doors when he made his appearance singing carpool karaoke on The Late Show With James Corden last week.

Click the bio link to watch the full #CarpoolKaraoke episode.

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Usher Addresses Crowd In 1st Public Performance Since Allegations

On Sunday (July 30, 2017), Usher made the bold move to hold his head high and perform like he had no worries at The Cincinnati Music Festival. Before he kicked off his hit joint, “Love In The Club,” Usher spoke directly to his ‘day one fans’:

“It’s been a long time, and for a lot of you, this is our first time. […] If you’re day one Usher fan, I want you to make some noise right now! If you’ve been down, I want you to make some noise right now! […] I love you, thank you, I appreciate you.”

The audience went wild after that, with cheers and screams of their unwavering support, despite anything. Usher later continued to tell the crowd this:

“Cincinnati, Ohio, I have a lot to be thankful for. […] First and foremost for all of the support of my fans, the ones who have been by me since day one. All of y’all are my day ones. In addition to that, the culture, man, of this incredible city and this incredible state. I mean I had to make my way back here one way or another.”

It’s good to see the brotha hop back on top of his game so soon like a true professional. We couldn’t imagine how stressful his life currently is though. This recent herpes allegations -which Usher has never denied to this day- have got to be taking a great toll on so many others around him as well- including his children, his wife, and the rest of his close loved ones.

More Possible Herpes Lawsuits

Unfortunately, there may be even more lawsuits in the works for Usher. According to powerhouse attorney, Lisa Bloom, she’s been contacted by several more women who are seeking her help after allegedly having had sex with Usher after he was reportedly infected with the disease.

No one wants to see someone they love go through that type of public humiliation. We’ll continue to send positive energy to Usher, his fam,’ and the young ladies who are reportedly affected by the alleged herpes infections.

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