Usher Shows Off His Face After Reported Fight With Chris Brown And His ‘Goons’

Posted On : May 6, 2023
Usher; Chris Brown

ILOSM family, you ever had that one friend who could sometimes act a fool in public, embarrassing the hell outta not only themselves, but you as well? Welp, that was apparently what happened to Usher when his homie, Chris Brown, flew clean off the handle Friday night, reportedly resulting in an all-out brawl with Usher. In case you haven’t heard about that, let us fill you in…but not before we share new video footage of Usher lookin’ unbothered today.

Usher Shares Video Lookin’ Unbothered, After Alleged Beatdown

The day after Chris Brown and/or his goons allegedly molly-whopped Usher in a reportedly unfair fight, it seems the “Good Kisser” singer is taking it all in stride, while simultaneously making sure to show a close-up of his face. As you can see in the below video, Usher has no visible swelling, nor bruises on his face…although it’s unclear if he’s wearing makeup to cover any bruises up.

Nevertheless, fans are just glad the brotha is doing well, and will still be performing in spite of the unfortunate disaster that went down between he and Chris Brown last night.

Alleged Chris Brown-Usher Fight Was Over Singer, Teyana Taylor? (Video)

According to what several sources have revealed to Youtube vlogger, Tasha K, and reporter, B. Scott, Usher threw Chris Brown a birthday party at a skating rink in Las Vegas last night. Everything supposedly was all good, until one of Chris’s other now-former close friends – singer Teyana Taylor – showed up. Teyana and Chris have been damn near best friends for many years, with Teyana even putting herself on the line, by standing up for Chris when the domestic violence drama between he and Rihanna happened years ago.

Chris Brown with former longtime close friend, singer Teyana Taylor

Well, those years of ride-or-die friendships between Chris, Usher, and Teyana have seemingly gone out the window as of Friday (May 5, 2023). Why? Because according to sources who were present at the birthday shindig, Chris and Teyana have been beefin’ ever since Chris’s Michael-Jackson-tribute was axed from the 2022 AMA Awards Show, which he reportedly partially blames Teyana for.

You see, Teyana –who according to TMZ, is a creative director for many artists’ musical performances, projects, etc– was said to have been involved in the creative direction for the AMA’s ‘MJ tribute.’ Word on the old school curb is that the AMA’s began to catch a lot of online flack from folks who were claiming the ceremony was ‘allowing one abuser to pay tribute to another abuser.’ Obviously, those people were referring to the 2009 Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic violence incident, as well as the unproven allegations in the “Leaving Neverland” documentary.

It’s been alleged that as a result of the backlash at that time, Chris was allegedly pulled from the show within a day or so of his scheduled ‘MJ’ performance. As a result, Chris felt like Teyana did not have his back, says sources.

Fast fast forward to last night, and Chris was apparently still highly pissed when he realized Usher had invited Teyana to his birthday party. Several onlookers said Chris started going completely OFF as he vented his frustrations about Teyana to Usher, supposedly referring to Teyana as a “b!**h” and whatnot.

Those same sources also said Teyana handled the whole thing like a lady, without engaging in the public spectacle with Chris; while Usher tried to calm Chris down. However, as Usher was reportedly trying to talk Chris back down to a level-head, spectators claim Chris demanded that not only Usher make Teyana leave the party…but that Usher exit the party as well– which he supposedly threw for Chris! Laaaawd…🤦🏽.

Chris Brown and Usher

Anywho, Usher reportedly refused to leave, but Teyana decided it was best she exit, which she did. Chris then supposedly stormed out of his own birthday party, and Usher followed him to the parking lot, allegedly still attempting to talk his friend and get him to calm down. Unfortunately, according to onlookers, that’s when either Chris, or a few of Chris’s ‘goons’ reportedly snuck Usher, and proceeded to jump him in the parking lot!!

Following the dust-up, sources say Usher was pissed, and understandably so.

It’s unclear what, if anything, has transpired between the three friends now…but there doesn’t seem to have been much of a reconciliation whatsoever at this point.

Nonetheless, Usher is still hittin’ the stage Saturday night for the “Friends & Lovers” concert in Las Vegas. No word on if Chris Brown will still be performing at the show. Can’t we all just get along?!!