Verdict In For $300M “Empire” LAWSUIT By ‘Real-Life Cookie’ & Someone Is PISSED!

Posted On : March 25, 2017

A judge has ruled in the case of Sophia Eggleston a.k.a. the self proclaimed ‘real life Cookie Lyon’ versus the hit TV musical show, Empire’s, screenwriter, co-creators, and Fox.
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Remember we informed y’all last year (2016) about the now 55 year old former Detroit gangster/drug kingpin, Sophia, who claimed that Empire’s creators based Taraji P. Henson’s character, ‘Cookie Lyon’ on her life? Eggleston- who served prison time for executing a ‘hit on a man’ during her kingpin days- sued Empire’s screenwriter, Rita Grant Miller; the co-creators, Lee Daniels and Daniel Strong; and the Fox network for $300 million.

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Sophia Egglestone, the self proclaimed ‘real life Cookie Lyon’ (L); and Taraji P. Henson as ‘Cookie Lyon’ in “Empire”

Details Of The Ex Gangster’s Lawsuit Claims Against Empire

The court docs originally filed in August 2015 stated Sophia’s claims:

Via DM: In the court documents, obtained by Daily Mail Online, Eggleston claims: In 2011, she traveled to Los Angeles to meet with screenwriter [Rita Grant] Miller at her home and claims she gave Rita a copy of her [autobiographical] book, [Hidden Hands]. She says Rita spent a great amount of time taking notes and was to turn the book into a screenplay. The suit says she got a call from Miller several months later saying she was going to pitch her story to Empire co-creator Daniels at a meeting in New Jersey.

Sofia Eggleston's autobiography, "The Hidden Hand"
Sofia Eggleston’s autobiography, “The Hidden Hand”

However, months went by and Eggleston didn’t understand why her book wasn’t a top priority for Miller, and she stopped working with her. But when the show aired in 2015, Eggleston says, the character, ‘Cookie’ – played by Taraj P. Henson – “was similar in behavior, style of dress, and background” to her.

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The Similarities Listed Between ‘Real-Life Cookie’ and Empire’s ‘Cookie’

The lawsuit outlines a ‘partial list’ of comparisons of “Empire” to the details in Eggelston’s book:

  • ‘Cookie was a drug kingpin that went to jail. So did Plaintiff Eggleston.
  • ‘Cookie is released from jail confinement and immediately places a ‘hit’ on a certain individual. Plaintiff herein was ailed for doing the actual ‘hit’ on a man.
  • ‘Cookie is made to have an expensive wardrobe, including wearing mink coats a great deal of the time. [So did Eggelstone, who was widely known to wear minks]
  •  ‘Cookie has a gay son and Plaintiff has a gay brother.’

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Empire’s Screenwriter’s Claims:

The screenwriter, Rita Miller,71, (not pictured), shot back stating that Sophia Egglestone’s claims were ‘frivolous’:

“I only ever met this woman twice and we spoke on the phone a few times. We never once discussed Lee Daniels and never once signed a contract.”- R. Miller, via DailyMail

The Final Verdict Of $300 Million Lawsuit Against Empire:

Well now, after a lengthy two year court battle, Sophia Egglestone got the upset she was hoping to avoid. The judge presiding over the case has ruled in favor of Fox network, Lee Daniels, Danny Strong and Rita Miller.
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Although Sophia, who reportedly has turned her life around and allegedly works as a home health care provider for the elderly, has yet to speak out. But Rita Miller on the other hand, is relieved the lawsuit is over, yet still pissed that she had to spend so much money and time to fight this case:

Rita Miller told Mail Online: “The truth is that this has been an extremely difficult two year period for my family. The absurd accusations and veracity of the claims were demoralizing and costly and patently false. I guess life really is like a dog: if it smells filet mignon on your plate it will bite you for it. I’m just relieved it’s over, but sadly there really isn’t any charming retreat from this sort of exploitation for anyone involved.”

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Rita continued:

“I feel sad in my heart to have done a favor for someone that back-fired like this. It had an impact on my life and cost me a lot of money to defend, all because I tried to help someone, it’s insane.”

Who do you believe ILOSM family? The Empire screenwriter, Rita Miller…or ex-Detroit gangster, Sophia Egglestone?