Roger Troutman’s Son Serving 32 Years In Prison For…

Posted On : March 13, 2015

roger troutmanThis is an extremely sad situation on many levels. The late, great “More Bounce To The Ounce” singer, Roger Troutman, has a twenty-eight year old son, Brent Lynch, who is serving a 32 year prison sentence for the 2012 murder of his ex-girlfriend.┬áBrent got exactly what he deserved as a result, but what he has done has not only caused severe grief to his ex’s family, he has also created a deep path of destruction in his family as a result.

Here are the details via

[Roger Troutman’s son, Brent Lynch] will spend more than 32 years in prison for the March 3, 2012 beating death of his ex-girlfriend, Carolyn Leete, 32.

Ramsey County District Judge Robyn Millenacker sentenced Brent Lanier Lynch on Thursday, Nov. 1, to 386 months.

Lynch, entered an Alford plea Sept. 14. In such a plea, a defendant does not admit the crime but concedes the evidence most likely would convince a jury of his guilt.

Lynch also was ordered…

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