Video Of Brandy In Concert Reveals She’s Now Happily Thicker Than 10 Snickers & We Love It

Posted On : July 10, 2018

Last year, Brandy turned lots of heads when she stepped out lookin’ a bit more curvier than usual. In fact, Brandy was so more more thicky-thickums than her usual weight, that she had fans wondering if she was pregnant again, but she quickly confirmed that wasn’t the case at all. Now, she’s turning heads yet again and quite frankly, we’re diggin’ her curves.

The New and Improved Brandy?:

Over the weekend, Brandy took the stage at the 2018 Essence Festival and once video footage started circulating online, fans expressed their surprise by the 90s singer’s new look. You’d think by now, most of her fans would be used to her new curves, but that’s not the case.

She’s no longer the thin teenager that fans remember from “Moesha”…nor is she the thin 30-something year old she was just over a year ago. Brandy is all curves now and she had no problems flaunting it at her recent show. Check out Brandy below:

‘Thicker Than A Snicker’:

The latest news follows Brandy’s statement, shutting down the pregnancy rumors. For most of 2017, Brandy was plagued with pregnancy rumors and, at one time, fans even went a step further, accusing of being a surrogate for her brother, Ray J., and his wife, Princess Love.

It might seem outlandish to some, but there was speculation. After all the drama, apparently, Brandy got tired of the B.S. and decided to share her truth: no baby, just curves. Back in May, she finally addressed all the rumors and put the pregnancy madness to rest. During a previous interview with True Exclusives, Brandy spoke about the real reason for her weight gain and clapped back at all the haters.

“It’s funny how people are telling ME that I’M pregnant. Like, first of all, you don’t know what’s going on in my stomach. You can’t do that,” said Brandy. She went on to mock a few of the outlandish rumors she’s heard. “‘Oh I know you pregnant…you pregnant! You are pregnant…WHEN is the baby due?!!’… It’s just like, GIRL you don’t know me…you don’t know me, to say that. I didn’t think the pregnancy thing was body shaming. People were calling that body shaming and I didn’t feel that from people who obviously thought that I put on weight and ‘She’s gotta be pregnant.’ …I didn’t take offense to that for years.”

So Much Shade:

Although Brandy is obviously tired of fans shading her, it doesn’t look like she’s tired of throwin’ shade, herself. Brandy’s figure isn’t the only reason she’s makin’ headlines. Most fans were more focused on the shade she was throwing at Monica, when she took a dig at the singer onstage. The performance was going great, until Brandy left fans confused by the way she ended her performance of “The Boy Is Mine,” the hit duet she had with Monica. By now, everybody knows things went all the way left between Brandy and Monica, when it came down to the rights for the song. Apparently, Brandy felt the need to reiterate her stance because she changed the lyrics of the song to take a quick jab at Monica. She sang, “The Song Is Mine. I gotta claim what’s mine. If I don’t got the boy, I’ve got the song. You know what I’m saying?”

As footage of the performance began circulating, fans immediately went into battle mode in Monica’s defense. While many insisted Brandy should be beyond the petty drama, others argued that the song wouldn’t have been as successful without Monica and her contribution was just as significant if not more valuable than Brandy’s.

Monica has yet to respond to the drama. More than likely she won’t entertain it since this isn’t the first time she’s taken the unbothered approach to drama.

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