(VIDEO) Chaka Khan’s Daughter Can REALLY Sing! You MUST Check This Out!

Posted On : March 8, 2015
indira khan3
Chaka khan’s daughter, Indira Milini Khan

So some of you probably know that Chaka has a daughter who sings, but did you know she can SANG?!!

Y’all know there’s a big difference between singing and sangin.’ Just ask her Momma…perfect example of a SANGER. Her name is Indira Milini Khan and we won’t waist a whole lot of time introducing you to her. I’ll just tell you that she looks a lot like her Mom, she has two beautiful kids, Josh (5) and Jett (2) and she has a new single on iTunes titled, “Bathe Me.”

Now watch her do her thing and tell us what you think.

Chaka Khan's Mom, Sandra Coleman, Chaka Khan, and Chaka's daughter, Indira Milini Khan
Chaka Khan’s Mom, Sandra Coleman, Chaka Khan, and Chaka’s daughter, Indira Milini Khan

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