(VIDEO) Which Comedian Is The Better Singer: Eddie or Richard?

Posted On : January 2, 2015

Eddie-Murphy-and-Richard-PryorYep you read this right- Richard Pryor can sing too! We all knew that Eddie Murphy could, but who knew that Richard Pryor was a crooner back in the day?!!

Many other top-name comedians have other talents, Jamie Foxx showed us he can sing and play piano, Robert Townsend an incredible writer/director. Some of us are old enough to remember the 1982 dance hit “Party All The Time” by Eddie Murphy featuring Rick James. Eddie recently did his thing again with the 2013 single ft. Snoop Dogg – see “Red Light” the reggae music video and check Eddie out playing guitar. Mr. Murphy has always been about the music biz.

“If you go back to “Saturday Night Live,” my stuff always has music, even a bunch of my comedy stuff — like in “Shrek,” the donkey is always singing. Music is always there. … I stopped putting stuff out because I didn’t want to look like those actors that be putting out records. It looks weird. Just putting out records. There’s a strange like, “What the f*** is this thing?” And I didn’t want to be part of that so I stopped putting stuff out.”

As for Eddie’s idol, who knew Richard could swing a note or two? Check it out next>>>