(Video) Daughter Of Erykah Badu & D.O.C. Sings Happy Birthday To Badu In Concert & It Was Epic

Posted On : February 27, 2018

Erykah Badu’s and N.W.A. rap legend, D.O.C.’s, 13 year old daughter, Puma, singing “Happy Birthday” to her mother, is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever seen. Little Ms. Puma, who officially became a teenager in July of last year, is really coming into her own, as she continues to develop her beautiful voice.

Throwback pic of Erykah Badu with her daughter, Puma, and the father of Puma, rapper, D.O.C.

Ain’t No Shame In Badu’s Daughter’s Game

These days, it’s clear to see that she has now inherited her mother’s unique vibrato pattern and she possesses a calm confidence about herself, even when she’s spontaneously grabs the microphone in front of an audience of thousands. That’s exactly what happened the other night, as Badu, along with MANY of her celebrity friends, performed in concert and celebrated her 47th birthday, which was actually on February 26th.

Everyone from Mos Def, to Jada Pinkett-Smith and her daughter/singer, Willow Smith, to Dave Chappelle and more were in the building that night. Their presence didn’t shake Puma’s nerves one bit though, because just like those pro’s did that night, she too set the crowd on fire when she serenaded her momma as Badu stood next to her like the gleaming proud mother that she is.

WATCH Badu’s & D.O.C.’s Daughter Sing “Happy Birthday” To Her Mom

In a video Badu shared to Facebook, as well as Instagram, many were surprised and thoroughly impressed to hear how seasoned Puma’s voice is becoming nowadays. Also, the love she wanted to show her mother on her b-day was evident and the entire moment was very sweet. Watch their video clip below and you can also check out the full concert below as well…


Bless You Bruja! Another Badu Birthday

Bless You Bruja! Another Badu Birthday

Posted by Erykah Badu on Friday, February 23, 2018

This Isn’t The First Time For Badu’s & D.O.C.’s Daughter…Watch This…

This isn’t the first time the world has witnessed the talents of D.O.C.’s and Badu’s 13 year old princess. As we previously reported in 2016, Puma was trending all over social media when she sang her rendition of Rihanna’s song, “Stay.” Watch her do her thang below…

Badu & Daughter Checked A Fan Over Solange Comparison

In addition to inheriting her parents’ musical skills, Puma also has her mother’s personality. Even Erykah Badu once admitted that Puma is not only like her, she IS her, all over again. So much so, that a few months ago, Puma joined her mother in setting the record straight after a fan tried to compare Badu’s originality to that of Solange Knowles. Here’s what we previously reported about that:

Erykah Badu and her daughter, Puma, want y’all to know one thing: when it comes to being an originator of her style and fashion choices, she ain’t new to this, she’s true to this. That’s pretty much the message Badu and she and the D.O.C.’s 12 year old mini-me, Puma, blasted off the other day on Instagram.

It all started when a few of Badu’s fans made the mistake of stating that Badu went out and bought a puffy jacket similar to the one Beyonce’s baby sis’/singer, Solange, had already rocked at the Met Gala 2017 in May. They basically were implying that ‘Ms. On and On’ copied off of the neo-soul newcomer, Solange. Not one to bite her tongue, Erykah took to social media to put those ill-informed fans in check and the most adorable part of it all is that her daughter was sitting next to her co-signing her Momma’s comments with a grown folks’ “unnnhhh” every now and then. This is the jacket in question and the pic, Badu posted of herself wearing her’s in January (2017)…


And this is Solange rockin’ her puffy jacket months after Badu in May (2017)…

… solange … #metkawakubo #thombrowne #solange

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In a post she labeled, “Petty Receipts Monday,” E. Badu politely let folks know that their timing was clearly off and that if anyone copied a style, it would be Solange in this case, check out her video response below:

“Uh, I had my coat back in December, I just wore it in January. Solange didn’t wear hers ’til the Met Ball and that was a long time after. I am the originator, I don’t have no stylist Beebee, it’s all me BeeBee.”


Guess that fan learned their lesson that day, LOL. Moving on…

She ‘Git It From Her Momma!’

In June 2017, Puma once again had the internet talking, after her mom posted a throwback photo of herself, alongside a recent recreation photo that Puma made of the younger version of her Moms. The resemblance is undeniable and it’s also a reminder of how fast time is flying quicker than we can say “Call Tyrone.” All it took was for Puma to get a hot comb ran through her beautiful natural hair and a lil’ lipstick, for us to see that she is growing up hella fast right before our eyes. Here is the photo comparison and caption Erykah posted of she and Puma on social media…

@erykahbadu: Improvement on a design. Puma likes to re do my old photos. 💜💜💜💜💜💜and we ARE smiling.


Then Erykah said she wanted to be fair to her baby daddy, D.O.C., so she pointed out a feature Puma got from him as well…

@erykahbadu: Ok I’ll be fair…She got her smile from her dad. 😊#theD.O.C.


Badu Created A Peaceful Tribe With Her 3 Rapper Baby Daddies

Now, we all know that it is no secret that Ms. Badu has three wonderful children, by three different rappers- Andre 3K (of Outkast), D.O.C. and Jay Electronica. She makes no qualms about her multiple celeb’ baby daddies and is very proud of it. In fact, the three daddies are proud of that fact as well and have managed to get along great with each other. Not only are they hella cool with one another, they have continued to remain close friends with their ex, Erykah, like one big happy Kum-ba-yah family.

Her & D.O.C. Are ‘Best Friends’…
Speaking of Kum-ba-yah moments, according to The D.O.C., with the exception of his children, Erykah is his best friend. How in the hell did Erykah manage to make that happen?!!

She has created a peaceful tribe and we can’t do nothing but respect all four of them for handling their blended family situation like grown folks. Don’t you wish there was more unity, like this, among the many of baby daddy scenarios across the world? It would be a much more peaceful place if it were, but we all know that’s WAY easier said than done.

Erykah Did Odd, Yet Wonderful Thing For D.O.C. & His Current Girlfriend

In another very rare ‘Kumbay-yah move, Badu revealed, in a prior interview, the very odd thing she did for D.O.C. and the mother of his youngest child. She agreed to be the mid-wife to deliver their son, whom was born in either 2016 or 2017. Now, if that ain’t some U-N-I-T-Y (in my Queen Latifah voice) then I don’t know WHAT is! Great job to every last one of them.