(Video) Drama, Wendy Williams Slams Tamar Braxton, Claims She Shaved Her Head For One Reason

Posted On : March 28, 2018

Wendy Williams doesn’t bite her tongue. That’s somethin’ we all know. So, it comes as no surprise that she’d have to say about Tamar Braxton’s surprising decision to shave her head. For those who missed it, a couple weeks ago, Tamar joined several other beautiful African American actresses and singers by going totally natural. The singer took to Instagram and debuted her new buzz cut.

According to Allure, Tamar explained her reason for shaving her head. With her new photo, she captioned, 032″I’m over feeling captive to a wig, weave, people, people’s comments & opinions hell…even my OWN feelings! We can choose to stop these things from having the power and victory over us!! And for me, that starts TODAY #happysttamarsday”

Although fans have applauded Tamar for her liberating decision, apparently, Wendy isn’t feelin’ it for a couple reasons. It looks like Wendy is givin’ Tamar the side-eye on this one because she believes it’s about more than just liberation.


Attention Seeking?:

Shortly after Tamar took to social media to debut her new look, Wendy Williams discussed her decision during the Hot Topics segment of her show. In true Wendy Williams fashion, she definitely didn’t hold back, making her opinion of the “Love & War” singer very clear, reports The Jasmine Brand. Was Tamar’s liberating change really about embracing a new chapter in her life? Well, according to Wendy it wasn’t. The talk show host claims Tamar will do anything for attention. “She’s not doing press because apparently, they’re after Vince – for whatever reason. Did she shave her hair because she’s going through something with Vince? No, in my mind, Tamar is a classic case for somebody who will do anything for attention.”

Wendy also explained how she believes the singer suffers from something that’s quite common in families with lots of girls: youngest child syndrome. “She suffers from all the girls in the family. and she’s the youngest [syndrome],” Wendy said.

The former radio personality went on to recall her first encounter with Tamar and personality during the radio interview. “I remember the first time I met Tamar, she sucked the life out of the studio. I was on the radio, interviewing Toni Braxton for the Toni Braxton situation. But I couldn’t help but notice there was one other person in the studio and that was this girl, fidgeting, popping, and locking in the corner. The light was even in her direction, but yet I could see her.”

Wendy continued, “And I was like, ‘Toni, wait, can you move over for a second? Young lady, can you come here? Who are you? Well, I’m Tamar.’ And I’m in my head, I’m like, and a star is born.”

Not On Wendy’s Show:

Wendy’s latest statement about Tamar follows another statement back in November. Amid heightened drama surrounding Tamar’s pending divorce and Vince’s cheating scandal, the two were preparing for the last season of Tamar & Vince. So, of course, Tamar was preparing for media appearances. However, according to BET, Wendy made it clear she wouldn’t be having Tamar on her show. “Tamar, she wants to come to our show, but on account of — I can’t.” Speaking to the audience she said, “I’m sorry you all, I can’t. Like, I can’t. What do you say?” She continued, “I used her powder room for God’s sakes! I went into her refrigerator and took water, so it’s different than any other guest coming here. And I know you all would love to hear the rest of the story, but you are gonna have to hear that someplace else. I am tapped out!”

So, will Tamar clap back at Wendy Williams? There’s a strong possibility she will because Tamar rarely holds back. But most likely, that clap back won’t happen on The Wendy Williams Show.

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