Barry White’s Son, Darryl White Is A Singer Too — But Does He Measure Up To His Father

Posted On : March 7, 2015

The late, great Barry White a.k.a. “The Maestro” has left a surprise for most of us, because many of us have never even seen, nor heard of his sons. He has two: Barry Jr., and Darryl White. He also has three daughters: Nina, Shaheerah, and Melva, and we’ll swing back to them at a later time.

The Bar Is High

Right now we’re talking about his son Darryl. I won’t spend the time trying to describe what you’re about to see, because a video can speak louder than words. So all I’ll say is that I don’t think most of us were expecting to hear this. One quick note; we gotta give credit where it’s due because Darryl’s in the shadow of a great soulful artist like Barry White, and the bar is HIGH! So kudos to Darryl White for exploring his possible gift of song!

Music Video

Check out his music video below and let us know what you think. R.I.P. to the remarkable, Barry White.

Updated 5/25/17

After His Ex-Stepmother

Glodean White was married to Barry White for 29 years (1974-2003) and she was one his Love Unlimited backup singers. She’s his second-wife and the former step-mother of Darryl.

It’s just been reported that Darryl has filed a lawsuit against Glodean, because he says that he is almost homeless as a result of her having cut him off financially ever since 2015.

Via TMZ: Barry White’s son is almost broke and nearly homeless … and he claims it’s all because he’s getting the raw end of the deal from his father’s trust. Darryl says Glodean never let him see the will after Barry died in 2003, instead it was more like … trust me.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, he says he agreed and got payments up until September 2015. Darryl, who’s a singer himself, believes Glodean is using up his father’s dough to support her lavish lifestyle. He’s suing to finally get a look at the will, and a proper accounting of what he’s due.