(Video) Here’s Why Vivica A. Fox Was Heckled At Her Book Signing Event

Posted On : April 6, 2018

Actress Vivica A. Fox is now adding author to her resume as she is currently promoting her new memoir, Every Day I’m Hustling.  On Wednesday, Fox made a pit stop at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Tribeca,a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City. As Vivica planned to take pictures, sign books, and meet fans, the veteran actress wasn’t ready for the protesters that arrived and crashed her event.


Chaos Ensued At Vivica A. Fox’s Book Signing Event:

As the 53 year-old actress took the stand, Vivica was met with an aggressive group of animal protesters who had a problem with the Empire actress wearing fur. While Vivica Foxx tried to take pictures, she was swarmed by 2 animal advocates who yelled at her for wearing fur. The women yelled for Fox to stop wearing fur as they also yelled at her to stop trying to be relevant. Security then stepped in to remove the ladies but the verbal attacks continued. As Vivica tried to talk about her book, a woman yelled that Vivica kills animals and that she should be ashamed. The ladies were escorted out of the event but they didn’t stop the protest. Holding signs, the women stood in front of Vivica’s SUV as they yelled at the actress to leave the city.

See The Video Below:


Was Vivica’s Fur Real Or Was It Faux?

You’re probably wondering what got all the ladies fired up? Well, Vivica was spotted wearing two different fur jackets on Tuesday. One of the jackets Vivica wore was a short burgundy colored jacket worn after the star made her appearance on Good Morning America. She later swapped the dark jacket for a bright blue colored fur that she wore as she made her way to AOL Live. Interestingly enough, it’s unclear if the jackets were real or faux. Interestingly enough, her Empire co-star, Taraj P. Henson is a Peta supporter as she once wore fur. However, Henson, who is a huge dog lover, changed her style after she saw a video showing how animals are killed for their skin. To show her support, Henson posed new for a Peta ad claiming that she’s rather go naked than to wear fur.

We’re not just even talking about a full-length fur coat, Taraji said in a Peta ad. I’m talking about just, like, fur on your gloves or on your jacket or—what goes into making that little piece of fur ripped my heart out.

Maybe she’ll share that video with Vivica. It’s quite possible that she already has.

Vivica Is A Seasoned Actress With A Thick Skin:

Unphased and unbothered, Vivica Foxx is not about to let some animal protesters ruffle her feathers. While on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Foxx talked about the harsh lessons she learned in life and in Hollywood.

To let you all know I’ve been through a lot of challenges in life and that I’ve learned to pick myself up,’ said the Two Can Play That Game star. And I say in my book that, you know, I’m glad you’re here because I want you to get out of your own way, and to take some of my knowledge – know that it can be street but sweet, and every once in a while I take you to church.

Vivica also made a stop on Dr. Phil where she discussed losing her father who was her best friend. On the show, Vivica discussed her new show, Face The Truth, where she will serve as a host. The show is produced by Dr. Phil and his son. The show will allow guests to come home to essentially face their truth and to get help with their problems.

I felt that it was finally time to share my journey  said Fox noting the book isn’t just about her triumphs, but about the challenges she’s faced in her life.

Somewhere 50 Cent is smiling.

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