John Amos Explains How He Was Almost Killed Over “Roots” Movie Role

Posted On : May 8, 2015

FB james and kuntaJohn Amos a.k.a. “James” from Good Times recently explained how his life was almost cut short when he was bidding for the role of “Kunta Kinte” in the miniseries, Roots.

Let’s just say some folks took his preparation for the role VERY seriously…like life-threatening seriously. Check out what he said about that and how he got the “Kunta Kinte” role…

That story John Amos told is something to laugh at now, but I’m sure there was no chuckling going on back then…LOL.

Amos also said that he experienced an extremely emotional, surreal breakdown moment on the set of Roots during filming, after what he explained as “hearing voices of his ancestors speak directly to him.” They had to pause the filming process because of it. Turn the page to watch the video clip of Amos detailing that ‘spiritual incident.’