(Video) K. Michelle Shows Graphic Surgery For Her Butt Injections Removal On National TV

Posted On : February 28, 2018

K. Michelle (33) has been catching a whole lotta flack over the past few years, for mysteriously popping up with a butt that suddenly grew damn near triple it’s original size, seemingly overnight. Although, it is her body and her personal choice as to what she does with it, many people have repeatedly voiced to her that it looks hella unnatural.

K. Michelle before butt injections (L) and with butt injections (R); (photo via InTouchWeekly)

K. Michelle’s Prior Defense Of Her Enhanced Butt Before Regretting It

Throughout the years, in response to her enhanced big booty backlash, K. Michelle has defended her actions, by letting it be known that she loved her butt. She even discussed it in prior interviews, such as the time she appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and said that she was happy that she decided to get a ‘fat transfer,’ which we now know was a lie, because she’s just changed her story and proven otherwise…we’ll get to that in a second. But check out what she told Wendy:

“I like to upgrade myself, so uh…I got, um, fat sucked from my stomach and I got it put down here for some hips and things like that. And um, it was a great decision for me, I like putting on my jeans and seeing my badonka-donk in the front.”

She Now Reveals How Butt Enhancement Affected Her Health

That was then and this is now. K. Michelle has recently confessed that she did not get a fat transfer and instead got “illegal” butt injections, made from a “foreign object,” such as silicone. In case y’all haven’t heard by now, K. Michelle has been on a ‘no-butt enhancement crusade’ for the past few months, sharing her story and quest to get her butt injections removed, while encouraging other women not to get them at all.

A few weeks ago, she announced that she had gotten her butt injections removed, but it wasn’t until Tuesday (2/27/2018), that she was actually able to prove it, by having her removal surgery aired on the Dr. Oz Show. On the show, K. Michelle talked further about her desire to remove the injections from her butt because they were causing her health problems. Turns out, her butt is getting too heavy for her 5’1″ frame and small legs to carry and she confessed that now she wants to “get back to the way” she used to look:

“I didn’t start to feel any pain or have any issues until like a year ago and my health just started to decline,” K. Michelle, revealed to Dr. Oz about why she’s getting rid of her injections. “I had seen some stories of a lot of women who were going through the same thing and it was like discoloration, it was pain in your back, it was migraines, it was super discomfort.”

K. Michelle said that although she thought she looked “so good,” her butt injections still weren’t worth the health problems she’s been suffering from:

“It’s like you always have this intuition when you know you might want to ignore it but I couldn’t ignore it anymore, and it just wasn’t worth it to me,” said K. Michelle.

Her Doctors Reveal What They Found In Her Butt X-Ray

During the meeting with her doctors, which was also aired on Dr. Oz, they discussed with K. Michelle what they’d seen showing up in the X-Ray of her butt:

“What I see is a lot of foreign material,” Dr. Burr von Maur told K. Michelle as he pointed to the X-Ray. “All these little white dots are all foreign material,” he said referring to her butt injections.
That’s when her main doctor, Dr. Michael Niccole, chimed in and said, “There’s tons and tons of those little particles in the muscle and that, but…most of it is in the subcutaneous, where the fat is.” K. Michelle was shocked by the image and said “Oh my God.”

Here’s what happened next…

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Complications Arise During Surgery

Then came time for K. Michelle’s surgery to actually remove the injections from her butt and that’s when it got a lil’ graphic. As she lay on the surgery table with a tube in her mouth and asleep, they docs got to work, but soon realized there was a complication with the process. The “particles” (the butt injections) were so large, that they clogged up the doctor’s machine. Dr. Niccole stopped in the middle of the surgery and told his crew:

“Something’s not working, it’s not working. … You should see that [the removal of the injections] just pouring through…that bucket should’ve been filled by now, but the particles [from K. Michelle’s butt injections] are just clogging the machine up. That’s how dense they are.”

He then proceeded to show the camera crew exactly what the particles looked like, that he was suctioning out of K. Michelle’s butt. Check out the video of that below…

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Dr. Oz Tells K. Michelle The Other Dangers Of Her Butt Injections

During the interview, Dr. Oz also explained to the audience and K. Michelle, just how dangerous “illegal” butt injections could be:

Via Page Six: Dr. Oz revealed what the injections looked like, pointing to a small sphere the size of a pea. “Can you all see that? That little ball there, that’s not how big it was, when it was injected. It’s almost the size of my nail,” the talk show host said.Thousands of pellets were injected into the singer’s bottom, and expanded like “a sponge,” the doctors explained. Dr. Oz also added that they could be carcinogenic. “They’re not supposed to be inside the body,” Dr. Oz said. “It’s illegal to inject anywhere. So …whoever did this, did something that we knew wouldn’t be good for you.”

K. Micelle also told Dr. Oz, “I wanted to get back to Kimberly. … I wanted to get back to the person that my mother gave birth to.”

Fans Thought K. Lied, But Her Doctor Explains Why Her Butt Is Still Huge

In January, prior to the Dr. Oz interview, K. Michelle announced, to her fans on Instagram, that her surgery was successful and that she’d be on bed rest for a while. However, a few weeks later, once she resurfaced, fans couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t see much of a change in the size of her butt. Many of them even accused K. Michelle of lying, because her small frame still seemed to have a whole lotta badonka-donk sitting atop her small legs. Here is video of her butt weeks after her removal surgery…


But now that the Dr. Oz Show has aired, we now know there is a reason why K. Michelle didn’t go ALL the way back to her pre-butt injections days and it was not by choice. Following her surgery, Dr. Niccole revealed that he was only able to remove 40% of K. Michelle’s butt injections, because when it comes to “illegal” silicone butt injections, it is impossible to remove all of it from the tissues of one’s body. That’s why K. Michelle’s booty still seems very large for her frame, but overall she’s very happy with the results. Much luck to her with her health going forward.