(VIDEO) K. Michelle Takes To Instagram After Surgery, Confirms Her Butt Implants Are No More

Posted On : January 15, 2018
K. Michelle

For months, K. Michelle has been sharing her perspective of implants and raising awareness about the dark side of cosmetic enhancements. Last month, she also announced she’d be getting rid of her infamous implants. Now, it’s official! K. Michelle’s implants are a thing of the past. Following her surgery on January 12, the famed singer took to Instagram with a quick video update about her condition. While lying in a hospital bed, K. Michelle playfully posed with her surgeon and bid farewell to “Betsy.”

Live On Social Media:

On Friday, January 12, K. Michelle shared details about the big day with fans. The singer, who appeared to be in good spirits, posted a video for fans.

#KMichelle checks in with fans before heading in to surgery for "Betsy".

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The day before the surgery video, she shared details about her next goal: obtaining the perfect tummy. With a new product in hand, K. Michelle revealed her focus on maintaining the perfect beach body for summer ’18. “It’s a new year, and my new tummy is on it’s way ladies,” K. Michelle captioned. “AND @flattummyco is coming through for you right now too because guess what.. Their 20% off sale is still going on! SO if you’re serious about actually keeping your New Year’s resolutions (for once), than you’ve got to check it out. Personally I love the Vanilla pod flavour, but they’ve got a Matcha shake too – if you get that one tell me how it is!”

Moving Forward:

The following day, K. Michelle took to Twitter with an update and she also announced she’ll be hitting the road in February to kick off her upcoming tour. “Hey Rebels, i’m doing well. My surgery went really well yesterday. I’m on bed rest for a while but its all good! I’ll be getting ready to hit the road for tour starting THIS February! You got your tickets?”

K. Michelle’s tour set to kick off in Providence, RI on February 9. The singer will tour from February to May wrapping up the tour at the Broadbent Arena, Kentucky State Fair & Expo Center in Louisville, KY.

The latest news about K. Michelle’s big moves for the new year, follow a series of interviews she did prior to having the surgery. When K. appeared on Ebro In The Morning she explained why she had the surgery and why she’s decided to put an end to the implants. “I think it was a trend for me,” said K on Ebro In The Morning. “January 12, I literally have to lay down again to get these foreign objects out of my body. People don’t talk about that. We all go to the same doctor. It’s the same doctor everybody in the industry go to, the same doctor to get their butt done. And now, we’ve lost weight, we’re having kids and things like that, and our butt has went another direction as well. Now you got to correct it. Now you got to go fix it. I was altering it, but now I’m getting it completely out on the 12th of January.”

Congrats to K. Michelle.