(VIDEO) Not Here For It…Kandi Burruss Claps Back At Haters Who Claim She Can’t Sing

Posted On : February 13, 2018

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Back in the 90s, Kandi Burruss rose to stardom as the lead singer of Xscape. But despite her years in the music industry as a successful singer, songwriter, and producer, there are still a few haters who don’t believe Kandi Burruss can really sing. So, now she’s clapped back with an epic response to the haters and her video is going viral.

The Clapback:

On Monday, February 12, Kandi wrote a song called #MoneyMakingMonday that she shared on her social media pages. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star captioned the video with a response to all of the criticism about her vocal skills. She also challenged fans to join in with their own renditions of her new song. The challenge has led to the birth of a new hashtag titled,  #KandiMoneyMakingMonday.

Her caption read, “It’s #MoneyMakingMonday y’all! I wrote a song about it in the shower today. You wanna hear it? Here it go! Some hater said that I should stick to writing songs instead of singing them. So this is for you boo! & I do love writing songs for other people. If you post your version of this song make sure to hashtag #KandiMoneyMakingMonday. I’ll repost some of my favs!”

Check out Kandi’s new song:


The video has received almost 60,000 likes and now fans are also joining in on Kandi’s challenge with their own renditions of her new song. The singer even shared a few of the #MoneyMakingMonday videos that were shared under the hashtag. Obviously, Kandi has a strong support system despite all of the haters.

Makin’ Big Moves:

It’s no secret every successful person will always have haters but it doesn’t like the criticism is getting to Kandi. Most fans know Kandi is a successful singer and businesswoman and her vocals have taken her quite far. After wrapping up the reunion tour with escape, Kandi jetted to New York to begin her stint on Broadway, another music opportunity to add to her long list of accolades. From reality TV, stageplays, and music to her retail store, restaurant, and sex toy line, Kandi Burruss is a woman of many hats and successful in her own right.

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