Patti LaBelle Reveals Why She Had To Leave Her Husband Even Though They Had The “Perfect” Marriage

Posted On : February 1, 2018

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We’ve all had our share of “bad” relationships, but it seems Mrs. LaBelle had the “perfect” relationship, but still had to end it.

Well if you didn’t know, Patti Labelle was once married to a man by the name of Armstead Edwards. Labelle and Edwards became husband and wife in 1969. They were best friends who loved each other as they never argued. However, despite their perfect marriage, Patti decided that it was best that they split ways.

Why Leave Him?

It seems like marriages that are long lasting are a thing of the past. Marriages that last over 10 years, particularly in the entertainment industry are rare. Despite the odds, Patti Labelle was married to Armstead Edwards for over 30 years. Before they fell in love, Armstead served as Patti’s manager but he eventually he had fallen for her. So in love with Patti, Armstead asked Patti to be his wife 3 times. Each time Patti said no, but one day, she asked him.

[He] asked me to marry him three times, and I said no. The fourth time, I asked him, LaBelle says. He said, ‘Let me give it a few days.’ So he gave it a few days, and he said yes, Labelle revealed on Oprah’s Master Class.

Interestingly enough, Patti didn’t ask Armstead to marry her because she loved him. However, she asked him to marry her because he was such a nice man and she felt that she wouldn’t find anyone as nice. When Patti grew up, her parents were in a turbulent marriage. Patti shared on Oprah’s Master Class that her parents fought all the time and it was difficult to watch. When her parents divorced, Patti rejoiced as she believed that being apart was best for them. From her parent’s example, Patti knew that she didn’t want a marriage like that.

So, in 1969 at the justice of the peace, Patti and Armstead had a small “cute wedding” with beer and hard-shell crabs. Four years later they gave birth to their son, Zuri. For 32 years, Patti and Armstead were married. While most married couples fight, Patti and Armstead never fought. Their marriage was rare.

Patti LaBelle says she and Armstead Edwards never fought during their marriage, and they still get along today, more than a decade after their divorce. (Facebook)

Somewhere along those 32 years, Patti and Armstead grew apart and they realized that they no longer should be married. While great friends, Patti and Armstead parted ways as they divorced in 2003.

I never hated him. He never hated me, Patti said. We just couldn’t live together — not because of physical fights or anything. We never fought, thank God, in 32 years. We got along even when we didn’t get along! But then we realized that we had to leave each other.

While Patti is no longer romantically involved with Armstead, she was once linked to her drummer Eric Seats. At 73 years young, Patti Labelle looks amazing. It’s no surprise that she would be in a relationship with a 43 year-old.

At the time of this picture, Patti LaBelle was 71 and was rumored to be dating Eric Sears, 41, whom she hired several years ago to be her drummer.

Labelle has never publicly confirmed that she’s dating Seats but she definitely has a smile on her face.

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