(VIDEO) Patti LaBelle Showed Out On “Dancing With The Stars!”

Posted On : March 17, 2015

patti dwts blog pic

Patti LaBelle and Berry Gordy’s son, (video below) made their appearances on Dancing With The Stars last night, and Ms. Patti killed it! Did you see Ms. Patti on that dance floor cuttin’ up?!! Her debut was epic in my humble opinion. She represented the Old School extremely well with her grace and class in her dance steps. Of course she had to give us that classic Patti LaBelle move in the very beginning of her routine, or else it just wouldn’t have been Patti.

The judges felt the same way. they told her:

Len: “You won my bell Patti. You had a lovely naturalness about it, 24 carat.”
Julianne: “You obviously have a presence, you were like a graceful goddess.”
Bruno: “Showbiz royalty, everyone admired it, thank you for being here.”
Carrie Ann: “You are incredibly, there a people who come out here and don’t have to do much. Everything I thought was fabulous.”

It’s beautiful to see Patti step on that floor at 70 years young and nail every turn, every pivot, and every step without a flaw. Much respect to her for doing that and in cased you missed it, you can see her full performance here…
Berry Gordy’s son, Redfoo (of the group LMFAO) is on the show too and yep, he held his own in his unique Redfoo style. Check out his performance…