(Video) R.Kelly’s Alleged ‘Sex Prisoner’ Speaks Out After Family Accuses Him

Posted On : July 17, 2017

¬†The young lady who is at the center of the current claims made against R. Kelly by her family, has just spoken out. Her family believes she’s being held against her will as a sex slave and want her home.

In case you missed our previous report, two parents and three other women all spoke out early Monday (7-17-17) to make strong allegations that Kelly was holding a slew of young women captive in his Chicago and Atlanta homes.

Parents Held Press Conference

The parents claimed their daughter was brainwashed and believed Kelly is making her stay. While two of the other women claimed to have past sexual relationships with Kellz and say they’ve witnessed the many young ladies he keeps in his homes, without allowing them to take photos and post them on social media, nor use the restroom without permission. They also claimed that he records video of himself having sex with the women and shows it to his friends. The third woman claimed to be a former employee of Kelly and says that she, too, witnessed the many young ladies Kelly allegedly houses in his home and has sexual relations with.

All of the women were reportedly of legal age. The legal age of sexual consent is 17 in Chicago and 16 years of age in Atlanta. R. Kelly and his attorney have adamantly denied ALL of those claims.

Alleged ‘Captive’¬†Speaks Out: “I’m No Hostage”

Now the 21 year old daughter of two of the parents has just done an interview with TMZ to let the world know that she is NOT being held against her will and that she left her home for other issues she was having with her parents. She says that she talks to her parents on the regular via text messages and that they are blowing things way out of proportion. Although she refused to give her location, nor speak on her relationship status with R. Kelly, she said he has done nothing to harm her in any way. Check out what else she had to say below…

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