(VIDEO) Remember This Loose Ends Singer? Prepare To Be Amazed!

Posted On : March 22, 2015

jane eugene blog pic

If you’re a die-hard 80’s Old School R&B lover, then chances are you recognize the lead singer of Loose Ends, Jane Eugene’s face.

Just mentioning her name or Loose Ends, instantly takes us back to the era of authentic, feel-good R&B. As a matter of fact, we’re about to go crank up “Hanging On A String (Contemplating)” right now, but before we do, you have to watch this recent performance of Jane Eugene and her band singing an updated version of “You Can’t Stop The Rain.” Why oh why can’t we still have music like this?!!

Let us know if you think Loose Ends deserves to have new music on the radio ILOSM family.

I’ll be the first to answer that: ‘YES!!!!’ I also think that some of the singers