(VIDEO) They’re Back! Does ‘Ready For The World’ Still Have It?

Posted On : March 18, 2015

ready for the world group

Remember when Ready For the World was dominating the airwaves for a brief period in the 80’s? They were one of the youngest bands on the radio at that time. “Oh Sheila” and “Love You Down” takes us right back to those memories of putting our tape recorder next to the radio and hoping the DJ doesn’t start talking over the songs while we’re trying to record our cassette tape. Their music songs are still classics to us Old Schoolers!

The band is back now and someone in our ILOSM family sent us this video of them in concert. They’re still doing the same dance steps and everything. We think they sound good, but we want you to check it out and tell us if you think they’ve still got it.

Ready For the World’s last album, “Love, Money and Music” was released in 2011, but I think it would be great if they would release a new 2015 album with that classic Ready For The World sound. What do y’all think? Would you buy it?

I would buy it because the music game needs more authentic artists like them in my humble opinion. Now of course, Ready For The World weren’t the greatest singers in R&B, but neither was George Clinton, Bill Withers, or James Brown, but the bottom line is that their singing and their music created a mood, it was bigger than just singing, and that’s something that artists don’t acquire easily.

Let us know who you would add to this LIST we put together of 10 Old School artists (or groups) we want to see release new music in 2015 (wishful thinking). The first up is Atlantic Starr. A song with the same vibe as “Four Leaf Clover” would be off the hook right about now.

atlantic starr album