(Video) Tyrese Happily Reunites w/Daughter After Court Win & Apologizes To Jada& Will Smith

Posted On : November 19, 2017

After finally being exonerated of his ex-wife’s seemingly false child abuse claims in court, Tyrese Gibson reunited with his 10 year old daughter, Shayla, on Saturday (11-18-17). Tyrese and his daughter, whom he’s very close too, have been forced to be apart for 80+ days (with the exception of his monitored visit for her birthday). *Scroll down to see video*

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Tyrese Speaks Out During Reunion w/Daughter

When cameras spotted Tyrese and Shayla at Nobu restaurant and at a nearby beach in Malibu, Ca., they looked happy as can be. Shayla had a big smile on her face as she latched onto her daddy’s hand and Tyrese, though happy, did not hesitate to address the custody fiasco he’s been through. The cameraman asked him how it felt to now have his daughter back, and said “It’s amazing, man. Gotta come out here and enjoy the ocean,” referring to their visit to the beach.

On His Frustration…

In regards to the judge’s recent denial of his ex-wife, Norma Gibson’s, permanent restraining order request, Tyrese once again voiced his frustration over her wild claims:

“No one wanted to book me doing concerts, no one wanted to have me on their movie sets all because this lady Norma just wakes up one day and decides to accuse me of all this sh*t. … My reputation has been fuc*ed up forever. Now that I’ve been completely exonerated, I’m trying to clean up my reputation. I want to go back to work.”

Tyrese’s Apology To Will & Jada…

Remember that big ‘mix-up’ Tyrese had when he shared, on Instagram, that his good friends, Jada and Will Smith promised to give him $5 million to help him, now that he’s financially strapped, due to his legal fees and lack of work? Well, he’s now addressed that too and stated that although the Smith’s did agree to help him, the anti-depression med, Rexulti, had him trippin’ and possibly giving alternative facts:

“Me and Jada was just exchanging text messages today. I just asked them to forgive me, man. I took that medicine and we had some real conversations about them helping me out. But it was that medicine that made me put it on my Instagram,’ Tyrese told TMZ. “A little word of advice for anybody out there, somebody ever say they’re going to help you out, wait until the money come in before you Instagram about it. Forgiveness, forgiveness for all of the embarrassment I caused to the Smith family I apologize I was not in my right state of mind, man. Them psych meds had me f***ed up. My business is all in the streets. Everybody know, financially, I’m in a tight spot and it’s because of all these legal fees.”

See what else he said in the video below…

Tyrese’s Prior Angry Message About Ex’s Claims

As we previously reported, after Tyrese won his custody battle, regaining his 50/50 joint custody for his daughter, he couldn’t wait to bash the hell outta his ex-wife for what she’d put him through. He’s consistently claimed that Norma made up lies about him beating Shayla, because he says Norma is just pissed that he’s now married to his new wife, Samantha. In his recent Instagram post, he slammed Norma for taking the custody battle so lightly, stating that she was sitting in court complaining about her nails like nothing was wrong:

Tyrese: “While waiting on the judgement I was broken and on edge and I overheard NoRMA and her lawyer in the courts room casually discussing getting their nails not being done?? They’ve been in court and have had no time for Nails?? Really?? That casual..?? Me without Shayla for 80+ days and it’s about your nails?????”

We’re very happy to see Tyrese back with his daughter and the sheer joy that seems to bring Shayla. Going forward, hopefully Norma and Tyrese can eventually reach a peaceful place for the sake of their little girl.