Ving Rhames Filed For Separation From Wife In 1 Of The Longest Separation Battles Ever

Posted On : October 4, 2018

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Actor, Ving Rhames, has been going through one of the longest ‘separation’ (not divorce) processes in the history of mankind. Though I must admit that I didn’t research just how long the ‘longest legal separation’ on record has ever been, I’m just pretty sure this one would be somewhere towards the top of the list, just saying.

You see, Ving and his wife/actress, Deborah Reed, wed in 2000 and are apparently having a lil’ trouble deciding to just throw in the towel altogether on their marriage, yet have been living separate lives. So instead, they’ve been “separated” since 2011- with Ving actually filing for a ‘legal separation’ back in 2013. However, it was just recently that the Baby Boy O.G. has asked the court to step in and speed up the process of divvying up custody and monthly support payments.

The couple shares two children- son, Freedom Rhames and daughter, Reign Beau Rhames. They’re legal battle has been on record for so long, that one of their two children, Reign -whom they were warring for custody over- has now turned 18 years old- leaving her to be free to live with whomever she chooses.

Ving Rhams wife, Deborah Redd (R) with their daughter, Reign Beau Rhames (L) [Facebook]

Here’s what else was reported on their unfortunate situation:

According to court documents…Ving Rhames filed documents last week asking the court to set a trial date for their separation. Rhames wants to hammer out child custody, child support, and spousal support issues. […] Rhames is seeking joint legal and physical custody.

Rhames initially filed for the separation on September 24, 2013 and he listed the date of separation as April 2011. Deborah did not file her response until 2016. She is seeking joint legal but primary custody of the kids. Deborah is also seeking spousal support and attorneys’ fees.

The case has dragged on ever since with minimal movement until August when lawyers for both sides appeared in court. A trial date has not been set. -via The Blast

Why Legal Separation Vs. Divorce?

At this point it’s unclear why they’re draggin’ their feet with just getting a divorce, as opposed to this lengthy legal separation, but to each his own. By the way, in case you’re wondering why some may choose to ‘legally separate’ seemingly indefinitely, here’s a detailed list as to why that is, provided by

Why consider a legal separation vs. divorce? There are several valid reasons why people choose to legally separate but remain married to one another. They include:

1. You and/or your spouse oppose divorce for religious or moral reasons
2. One spouse will soon become eligible for his or her spouse’s government benefits (such as Social Security)
3. One spouse will remain eligible for the other spouse’s health care or insurance benefits if they remain married
4. There is a tax benefit if you and your spouse remain married to one another
5. You and your spouse think there’s a chance you may reconcile after you’ve had time apart from one another
6. You are not yet eligible to file for a divorce under your state’s residency requirements or waiting period, but want a court-sanctioned separation agreement until you are eligible to file for divorce
7. You and/or your spouse find it less stressful to negotiate a separation agreement than to negotiate a divorce agreement

So again, not sure what the hold up is with Ving Rhames and his wife, Deborah. Real talk though, I’m just lookin’ forward to seeing Ving star in his next epically entertaining ADT commercial; or better yet, in a Baby Boy sequel as Tyrese’s ‘stepdaddy, “Melvin.” The way he schooled Jodie” and then put him in a headlock was classic!