After Violent Arrest, El DeBarge Blasted His Siblings & Tells What Really Happened

Posted On : July 27, 2018

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ILOSM family, many of us know that when it comes to family, we may love ’em dearly, but may not necessarily ‘like’ them. It happens. That brings us to the legendary DeBarge family and their latest uh…situation. Let’s just say, it’s WAAAAY worse than the typical sibling/family spat at this point.

Some of y’all may recall our prior report, when we revealed that El DeBarge was arrested 2 weeks ago, during a very violent altercation. Well, now El is letting ALL of the details outta the bag and his arrest apparently had everything to do with his fam.’

Recap Of El DeBarge’s Arrest

At the time of El’s arrest, here’s what was reported:

According to TMZ, El got into a heated argument with the guy in a house somewhere in San Fernando Valley and the guy tried to run clean away from El DeBarge- out of the house and into the street. Police say that once the guy ran, El took after him, with a wrench in hand, and the guy hid behind an RV. Apparently, one RV didn’t stop El from trying to get at the dude, because he allegedly smashed the windshield of the RV that the man was hiding behind. Cops say that’s when the unnamed, scared man called the cops on El and the R&B crooner was ultimately arrested for felony vandalism. He reportedly spent a night in jail and bailed out on a $20K bond.
As you can see, no details were previously given about the identities of the other parties involved in the wrench-wielding fiasco. But NOW El has confirmed it involved his siblings and here’s why…

El Angrily Blasts “Jealous” Siblings Who “Jumped” Him

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A few days after being released from jail. El DeBarge had a lil’ time on his hands, to get some decades-long frustration off his chest. He took to social media to let his fans know that he was arrested because his siblings have been “jealous” of him for decades:

“I want to thank all my fans for their love, support and prayers over the past few days. You will never know how you lift my spirit,” DeBarge wrote in his Twitter post. “The recent incident was the result of decades long held resentment against me by my siblings. I was physically attacked by 2 of my brothers at my sister Bunny’s house. I have held my tongue for years about my family, it’s jealousy, thievery, abuse and backstabbing. Their demand to the police that I be arrested for a broken window has broken my silence.”

Why he’s telling it all now:

“Their demand to the police that I be arrested for a broken window has broken my silence.”

Read the rest of his statement below…there’s WAY more…


After Exposing Brothers, El Gives New Statement: ‘Should Have Done That Long Time Ago’

Days after revealing what really went down on that violent night, El gave another statement on Twitter. He thanked fans for supporting him at this time and acknowledged that he should have let the world know about the jealous sibling rivalry he’s been going through, a long time ago. Here’s his statement:

We respect El for speaking his truth and we wish him well, because their sibling rivalry is a beast! But what we also wanna know is, which two DeBarge brothers jumped El in a fit of “jealous” rage? Was it Chico, Randy, Mark, Thomas, or James? The suspense continues.