Wait ‘Til U See How Singer, Truth Hurts, SHOCKED Folks On A Public BUS!

Posted On : July 27, 2016

Remember when singer, Truth Hurts, had us all jammin’ to her 2002 hit, “Addictive?” If not, let us refresh your memory with these lyrics: “He’s so contagious, returns my pages, he’s got me anxious, he’s what I’m waiting for….” Rakim spit his verse on there too and Truth was burnin’ up the radio with that one. Then she just kind of disappeared for while, right when everybody was craving for more Truth hits. Well now she’s baaaack!!! Except this time she surfaced in a way we didn’t really expect, but she still didn’t disappoint…


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.31.18 PM That classic foreign sample in Truth Hurts' song, "Addictive," caused a major financial hit for her debut album. In 2003 a popular singer in India, Bappi Lahiri, and his label dropped a $1 million and $500 million lawsuit against the label Truth was signed to - Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records and it's parent company, Interscope Records- for copyright infringement and punitive damages. The producer of "Addictive," rapper DJ Quick, said he randomly recorded the sample off of a TV commercial, not knowing who it belonged to.

<a After that whole fiasco, we didn't hear much from Truth...until now that is. Good to have you back Truth, keep doing your thing!

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