Wait ‘Til U See Which Sexy Old School Singer She Turned Into!

Posted On : February 27, 2016

The young diva in training pictured in this photo has made a name for herself in a MAJOR way. Throughout her decades-long career, she has won eight Grammy Awards, sold millions of albums and has been inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Her career hasn’t been totally smooth sailing the entire time though, she’s had some bumps in the road, but through it all she remained strong and kept on going. If it weren’t for this singer, a lot of these new school singing divas, and divas in training, wouldn’t know how to entertain their audience when they step on stage…even if they are too young to realize that it is this old school singer whom they are actually indirectly influenced by.

tina turner now9She is the legendary ‘Ms. Rollin’ down the river,’ Tina Turner! Now THIS was not an easy guess for some of us over here at ILOSM, but how did you score on this one? Were you on point with your guess, or no?
tina bw3Speaking of Tina Turner, she celebrated her 76th birthday in November of last year and she is still just as beautiful as she ever was, no make up and all. Check out these recent pics in a way we never usually don’t get to see her, ¬†make-up free as she and her husband, Erwin Bach, spent some chill out time together…
tina now no makeup

We always love seeing Tina in all of her slammed up glory, but it’s refreshing¬†to see her au naturel as well. Her natural beauty is just as beautiful as her diva-licious make-up laced beauty.


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