Wait..What? 50 Cent Reveals How Much $$ Trump Tried To Pay Him To Back Him..It Was A Lot!

Posted On : October 13, 2017

ILOSM fam’ most of us remember the very moment we first found out Donald Trump was elected as president of the United States. Depending on which side of the political fence you stand on, that was either the worst day of your political life, or your best day of it.

As many were still trying to digest what the hell happened in America, Trump seized the moments to create photo-ops outside his Trump Tower building in New York. Many people watched in awe as he paraded Black celebs in front of the cameras outside Trump Towers, to show that he has Black supporters. Steve Harvey, Martin Luther King III, former NFL player Ray Lewis, Kanye West, NFL icon-turned-actor Jim Brown; and others participated in the melee. It was hella embarrassing on their parts, because many thought it looked like a modern day minstrel show. *Scroll down for video*

Trump Tried To Pay 50 Cent HOW MUCH?!!

Well, we can always count on 50 Cent to reveal the shocking things that most celebs would be afraid to. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, 50 revealed that Trump offered him a CRAZY amount of money to appear in one of those Black photo ops with him during that time. 50 also exposed the hell outta infamous boxing promoter, Don King, saying that Don took Trump up on his offer. Check out what 50 said below and why he turned down the money…

Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

50 on Trump’s presidency being a “mistake”:

“We gotta actually hope that he can figure it (the role of presidency) out and actually do something. He doesn’t want to…I think it’s an accident. I think it (Trump’s run for President) was supposed to make a better deal for ‘Apprentice’ and other things that he was doing. Like Rock the Vote, when Puff would get next to the campaign, but not actually running the campaign. But he’s that visible to our culture because it’s the biggest thing going on. And then… That’s like even when he met Kanye, he met him in the lobby of The Trump, which is a photo op that markets the property.”

On how much Trump’s team offered him for photo opp’:

“They [Trump’s team] tried to get me to come out while he was running. They offered me $500 THOUSAND for me to show up. … Don King went, I wouldn’t do it. That was bad money.”

Trump and Don King during presidential campaign stop in Ceveland, OH

On if he thinks Trump is racist?
Although 50 has met Trump in the past several times- just like other celebs- he didn’t know Trump’s true biased views about race and other social issues, until his presidential campaign. So when he was asked if he now thinks Trump is racist, 50 replied:

“I think so. I think when you’ve got…Nazi, [white] supremacist people out there and you say…’they’re both good people,’…just saying that is racial. … To not identify with the views being wrong is…it’s already there.”

Watch 50 Cent’s Interview About Trump

Now The Black Celebrity Trump Supporters ALL Look Suspect

Clearly, every last one of the Black celebs who backed Trump and his photo op’ circus in January, all look suspect. They were either too naive to see what was really going on, or money hungry. Based on what 50 revealed, I’ll go with the latter. Just to refresh your memory, let’s recap the reasons they said they met with Trump though:
MLK III– “We did have a very constructive meeting,” about the voting system. That was what MLK III said about why he met with Trump on MLK Day. That was just days after Trump caught heat for saying his father’s friend and fellow civil rights activist, Congressman John Lewis (who was brutally beaten in 60’s civil rights protests) was “all talk and no action.”

Trump and Martin Luther King III outside Trump Towers

Steve Harvey’s reason was because he was trying ‘to move our country forward’ by meeting with Trump.

Trump and Steve Harvey outside Trump Towers

Kanye West never gave a reason why he met with Trump. But he sure did look like a fool after Trump banned him from performing at the presidential inauguration days later.

Trump and Kanye West outside Trump Towers

Moral of the story is, I agree with 50 on this one- all money ain’t good money, some of it is “bad money.”

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