Paula Patton Sparks Investigation Into Robin Thicke Allegedly Abusing Son

Posted On : January 13, 2017

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke have been divorced for nearly two years now, but it still doesn’t look like the drama will be resolved anytime soon. Both have reportedly moved on but now they’re embroiled in a heated custody battle. Paula Patton’s latest claim has sparked a media firestorm.

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Daddy Dearest?:

According to E! News, the Jumping the Broom actress alleges that Robin Thicke has been beating their 6-year-old son, Julian. To make matters worse, Julian reportedly fears his father. On Thursday, Jan. 12, Paula Patton appeared at a Los Angeles court to request an emergency hearing. Paula dropped several bombs about the “Dreamworld” singer in her declaration.

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From concerns about drug abuse to his parenting style and disciplinary actions, Paula discussed everything. She also revealed Julian told school officials about how he fears his father, reports US Weekly.

“Over the past year, I have become concerned about [Robin]’s drinking and drug use, as well as the forms of punishment he is using to discipline Julian,” Paula wrote in her declaration. “My concerns culminated on January 4, 2017, when Julian’s school called Department of Child Family Services (DCFS) to report what they believed to be credible allegations of abuse from Julian against [Robin].”

Robin’s Arguments:

Of course, Robin Thicke has responded to the allegations. Although he has admitted that he does spank his son, he insists his actions aren’t excessive.

“On a very rare occasion and only as a last resort, I will use light spanking, but it is consistent with the law — open hand on the butt. This is the type of discipline to which Paula and I agreed during our marriage.”

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At this point, it looks like Paula and Robin will be back and forth to court for quite a while. Only time will tell how their custody battle turns out.

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