Watch Stokley of Mint Condition Show These Youngins How It’s Done!

Posted On : June 5, 2015

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There comes a time when every now and then the grown folks have to step up to put the youngins in their place just to let them know that they still have a LOT more growing to do and Stokley of Mint Condition did just that in this video you’re about to watch of him manipulating his voice like a vocal magician.

To say it is a disappointment that there aren’t many new mainstream artists of this caliber is a major understatement. the younger generation deserves to have great artists like Stokley. Anyways, check out this clip of Stokely channeling his idol, Stevie Wonder and prepare to be amazed…

Y’all know we can’t talk about a Stevie Wonder jam, without showing you the real deal cutting up live on stage with his hit “Rocket Love!” This is CLASSIC and another reminder of why we truly miss old school soul music. Check out Stevie’s performance on the next page…