Watch Whitney’s Funniest (& Shadiest) Moments, This Is Why We LOVE Her!

Posted On : October 24, 2015

fb whitney houstonWe wanted to give you all a good laugh today with these Whitney Houston video clips that bring back some funny memories of her. With the incredible amount of heartache that has shrouded the Brown and Houston families over the past few years- with our beloved Whitney and Bobby Kristina passing away way too soon- we thought it would be great to lighten things up and show this throwback footage where we get to see Whitney in very rare form. She was a woman with a great sense of humor, who didn’t take no mess from anybody and that is evident in this video. These hilarious moments displayed the fact that you can take the R&B princess outta the hood, but you can’t take the hood outta the R&B Princess, LOL. Whitney made it clear that she was not to be played with because, as she put it, she was from Newark, NJ.

She even threw a lil’ bit of shade at some folks like Mariah Carey, Bobby B., any women who tried to mess with Bobby B. (when they were married), and there was even a little slight shade to Oprah Winfrey. The shade wasn’t so mean because Whitney delivered it in her true classy way, but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

Watch the video clips below and tell us what you think…

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