Though Wendy Kicked Hubby To The Curb, The Settlement He’s Negotiating May Get Him Paid Big Time

Posted On : April 17, 2019

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Wendy Williams may be ending her rocky 22 year marriage, but her husband ain’t going away easy, nah…not at all, Kevin Hunter’s exit comes with a price.

According to sources familiar with their situation, Kevin is not trying to fight Wendy’s divorce filing to try to save their marriage, but he’s instead focused on ‘collecting a multi-million dollar settlement.’

After Wendy pretty much told her husband to ‘get tuh steppin,’ she also locked him outta her office inside of the building where her show is filmed, by reportedly changing the locks as soon as those divorce papers were delivered to him. However, it’s gonna take a lot more for to get rid of Kevin.

With their non-prenuptial marriage, Kevin is wasting no time jumping on the opportunity to negotiate a sweet divorce settlement. Not only is Kevin co-owner of their production company, which produces The Wendy Williams Show, also as a producer for the show, he’s allegedly cookin’ up a severance package demand that just may set him and his alleged mistress up for a LONG time. I joke, I joke…I kid, I kid. Seriously though, Wendy’s about to be in for a lengthy battle….there’s more…

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