Wendy Williams Blocks Husband From Her Money & Made Major Moves Long Before Divorce Filing

Posted On : April 24, 2019

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Remember when Mya sang the lyrics, “Whose drawers are these, you know I where a size four?” Well, apparently Wendy got tired of reportedly asking those types of questions to her husband, Kevin Hunter, weeks ago, because word on the Old School curb is that she made it known that she was “Movin’ on”┬álong before the public found out.

As we all know by now, the controversial talk show diva has been caught up in a consistent array of marital drama and side chick woes that were steamy enough to fill up her show’s ‘Hot Topics’ segment for months. Now that she’s served Kevin with divorce papers, new details have emerged about how she was setting up her ‘get out’ scheme before he knew she was giving him the boot.

Matter of fact, according to reports, she has completely ‘cut Kevin off’ from ALL of her money, as well as taken extra steps to secure her bag from Kevin’s allegedly prying hands.

Via TMZ: Sources close to Wendy tell TMZ … she’s totally cut Kevin Hunter off from her money and has hired a team to ensure all of her finances are secure. We’re told she’s separated their funds and created new accounts … a process that began before she filed for divorce.

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