Wendy Williams Gets Dose Of Her Own Med..Internet Slams Her For Pettiest Reason Ever

Posted On : June 11, 2018

We’ve just about seen it all ILOSM fam,’ but never have we seen a scandal such as the hilarious one Wendy Williams is caught up in at the present moment. We all know Wendy is known for giving folks hell about their lives and also being petty as hell while doing so. Although she’s petty, we’ve gotta give it to her, she’s real and has no problem speaking her mind in front of the world, even if that means oftentimes putting her foot in her mouth every now and then. Speaking of feet, that brings us to her current problem. The internet is giving Wendy a dose of her own pettiness by way of the current ‘foot-gate’ scandal her size 11’s are caught up in.


Operation ‘Foot-Gate’

So, the other day Wendy and her photographer, Robert Ector, shared a few photos of herself looking flawless for Twitter. In fact, she looked flawless from head….to toe…literally. So what was the problem, you ask? Only prob’ was that as soon as her pics started surfacing, fans couldn’t wait to jump all over the presumably fake flawless feet Wendy displayed in her glamm’d up images. Wendy has previously shown her struggle toes on Twitter and made no excuses for them, so Twitter-verse has now made her allegedly altered walkers a “hot topic” that is petty enough to be featured on her “Wendy Williams Show.” Check out how their giving Wendy the blues on Twitter over this one:

“Wendy Williams girl you good in this picture but baaaaby who you tryna fool we know them feet ARE NOT yours!” wrote one commenter…


“Now why would they photoshop these damn cabbage patch doll feet on her,” said another…

Another commenter asked “Wendy Whose feet did you use for this pic, @WendyWilliams?,” to which another one replied, “Barbie feet”…


“Did they photoshop doll toes to her feet??” asked another commenter…

Then there was this comment, “No but seriously who told her nobody would notice she has them damn Macy’s mannequin feet on?? Lady you at 6’4 tall with a size 3 plastic foot???! GUUUHHHHLLLLL NAH!!!”

If you’re wondering why people are dragging Wendy’s feet from here to Timbuktu, it’s because many witnessed the 2011 photo, she shared on Twitter, of her feet when they looked like she’d actually walked barefoot from New York to Timbuktu….

2011: Wendy Williams shared this photo of her feet after dancing on Dancing With The Stars (via Twitter)

In all fairness to Wendy though, she shared that her then struggle feet pic was during her “Dancing With the Stars” days, after she’d spent hours on the dance floor trying to get her routines on point.

Wendy Capitalizing Off Foot-Gate?

Thankfully for Wendy, she later proved that she can take the heat, just as much as she can dish it. How so? Well, after the foot-gate scandal ballooned into what it is now, Wendy posted a sponsored Twitter ad for some foot softening items:

Smart move for Wendy to capitalize off her unwanted foot-gate scandal. People can call her many things- messy, gossipy, shady, etc.- and rightfully so, but one thing we’ve also gotta call her is a wise businesswoman.