Wendy Williams Makes Another Boss Move To Block Husband From Her Profits & Her Life

Posted On : May 15, 2019

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According to reports, Wendy’s estranged hubby, Kevin Hunter, believes she made the wrong decision in ending their foundation:

Sources close to Kevin tell The Blast, he is concerned about the people from the call center who are now going to lose their jobs, including many who are recovering addicts themselves. He also believes Wendy is trying to distance herself from anything relating to drug addiction and substance abuse.

Pretty sure Wendy couldn’t care less about what Kevin thinks of her decision making these days. That’s one fact that she’s made very clear in multiple new episodes of The Wendy Williams Show.

She’s been pulling a ‘Maxine Waters’ on Kevin, by “reclaiming her time,” life, and energy. While doing so, I must admit that the typically ‘messy,’ ‘judgmental’ Wendy, seems hella happy these days- as if a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders, now that she’s ‘lifted’ her husband up outta her life.

For example, just the other day on her show (see above video), Wendy discussed going to a trendy Mediterranean restaurant with her nephew and and recalled the good lookin’ dude who stepped to her while there. Unfortunately, she eventually realized that the guy was Lil Kim’s baby daddy, who goes by the name Mr. Papers. But Wendy still admitted that if he had not been connected to Lil Kim, he most definitely would have been ‘her type.’ She gushed about him to the audience, but then kept it movin.’

It’s cool to see Wendy get her mojo back.