Wendy Williams Responds After Her New “Mystery Man’s” Checkered Past Gets Exposed

Posted On : June 12, 2019
via Instagram

Wendy Williams’ current life is a mix of highs and lows, as she settles into being single. She’s endured a lot of bad press in the past few months, including a few public breakdowns. Now that her show is on hiatus for the summer, Wendy took a weekend trip to Los Angeles, CA. While there, she flicked it up with the Kardashians and partied with new BFF, Blac Chyna, before revealing a ‘mystery man’ many believed to be her new bae.’ Now, more information is coming out about this new man in her life and everything being revealed adds more layers to Wendy’s tabloid-worthy story.

Who Is He?

When she first posted the picture of herself with the mystery man people wondered exactly who he is. It turns out that his name is Marc Tomblin, and he’s a twenty seven year old entrepreneur.

Wendy Williams nee ‘mystery man,’ Marc Tomblin (27) [Facebook]
E Online reports that Wendy and Marc were introduced to one another through Blac Chyna last weekend and they have been enjoying each other’s company since then. They were recently spotted out on a lavish shopping spree in NYC on Tuesday.

But who exactly is Marc Tomblin? Other than his jobs, as a blogger and financial investor, incidents from his past have popped up and are causing concern among some of her fans….

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