Wendy Williams Son Arrested After Violent Altercation With His Dad…Husband Speaks Out

Posted On : May 22, 2019

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It Turned Into A Rumble In The Jungle…
Kevin Jr. was arrested for assault, after he and his Father took a ride to a nearby store together. The fight reportedly went down in the store’s parking lot and there were conflicting reasons given as to why…

Initially, sources said ‘they got into an argument over Kevin’s demand for spousal support. Kevin Sr. then launched and claimed Wendy was “brainwashing” their son against him.’ As a result, according to sources, Kevin Sr. reportedly ‘put his son in a headlock, and we’re told Kevin Jr. punched him in the nose to break the hold,’ TMZ reports.

The second story stated that their fight was sparked because Kevin Sr. was trying to tell Kevin Jr. he needs to earn his own living:

Via TMZ- Sources with knowledge of the argument say Kevin Sr. has urged his son for a long time to carve his own path to success. We’re told things bubbled over Tuesday night when the conversation continued, and Sr. told Jr. he needed to work hard on his own and without Wendy’s handouts.

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Quite frankly, both of the aforementioned reasons make since and could both be accurate. As most of us know, Kevin Sr. has long since been accused of leaching off of Wendy Williams and using her money to allegedly buy his reported longtime mistress a home, trips, etc. There have also been rumors that Kevin Sr. and Wendy’s marriage was physically abusive, though none of this has been proven…nor denied.

So it’s highly possible that IF Kevin Sr. was attempting to school their son about earning his own money and telling him to ‘stop living off’ of Wendy’s paper, their 18 year old son finally had it up to HERE with his Dad. Kevin Jr. -who has heard (and possibly lived through) the same cheating/abusive/leaching rumors about his Pops, that the public has- may view Kevin Sr. as the LAST person who should be telling him anything about ‘living off’ of Wendy. Thus, causing Kevin Jr. to retaliate after that headlock his Pops allegedly put him in.

Kevin Hunter Sr. Speaks Out About Incident With Son
A few hours after Kevin Jr.’s assault arrest was confirmed by law enforcement, Kevin Sr. spoke to TMZ to let the world know this:

“I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they appear.”

This is just a mess…but hopefully Wendy’s and Kevin’s son finds a way to move past the BS that his Pops seems to be causing their fam’ at this time.