Whaaat? Gerald & Sean Levert Have A Big BROTHER Most Never Knew About!

Posted On : June 30, 2016

ILOSM family make some noise if you thought that Gerald and Eddie Levert were the only sons Eddie Levert had. Yeah, we did too, that is until we came across Gerald’s and Sean’s big brother. All these years have passed and he’s managed to slide under the radar, but he has always been a very vital part of his brothers’ and his Pops’ lives. Check him out below…


6-30 eddie levet with sons Eddie Levert Sr. never ceases to surprise us, after we reported the shocker that Eddie (74) and his younger wife, Raquel, have a 13 year old daughter many never even knew existed, we also learned that there is an Eddie Levert JUNIOR! Check him out here>>>

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