Whaaat? Jasmine Guy Reveals She DATED THIS Diff’rentWorld ACTOR For YEARS!

Posted On : December 5, 2016

We all loved watching actress, Jasmine Guy, bring her “Diff’rent World” character “Whitley,” to life every week. Whitley was prissy as hell and made you wanna shout at the TV sometimes, but she was entertaining to say the least. What we didn’t know, was that while we were crackin’ up off of “Whitley,” Jasmine was actually madly in love with her then-boyfriend/cast mate for many years. Wait until y’all see who though…


Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 5.06.09 PM All these years have gone by and they were together all along right up under our noses. See who Jasmine's man was>>>

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