Whaaat? Maxwell & His Famous Girlfriend Spotted On Red Carpet In Rare Appearance

Posted On : May 7, 2017

Okay family, many of us have probably been living under a rock when it comes to Maxwell’s celebrity status relationship with a woman most of us know already. If you’re like some of us, here at ILOSM, you probably were under the impression that Maxwell was just as single today, as he seemingly has been known to be for much of his career- at least as far as the public knows.
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Clearly the man has had relationships throughout the years, but the thing that makes this a shocker for his fans is that he’s very private about his personal life. So when he stepped onto VH-1’s red carpet- which they are actually calling their ‘purple carpet’ this year- for their upcoming Dear Mama special with the love of his life on his arm, the gasps heard around the web were understandable.

Meet Maxwell’s Girlfriend

The woman he’s dating is none other than Julissa Bermudez. Remember her? She was the very next host of 106 & Park after AJ and Free made their abrupt exit in 2005. Radio personality, Big Tigger (former host of Rap City), was Julissa’s co-host for a while on 106 and after that, she became a BET personality for several other ventures.

Julissa & Big Tigger on "106 & Park"
Julissa & Big Tigger on “106 & Park”

Julissa also starred in her own reality TV show with her best friend, The Real co-host/ex 3LW singer, Adrienne Bailon. Their show was titled Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne and aired in 2012.

The Talk co-host, Adrienne Bailon with best friend, Julissa
“The Real” co-host, Adrienne Bailon with best friend, Julissa

This Isn’t Their First Red Carpet…Last One Was Overshadowed…

Well, it turns out that reality TV and TV hosting isn’t her only claim to fame because unbeknownst to many, Julissa and Maxwell have been together since at least 2014 and word on the o0ld school curb is hat they are madly in love. Their ten year age difference ain’t nothing but a number either- Maxwell, 43, loves his 33 year old Dominican queen.

Maxwell and Julissa on BET Awards 2016 red carpet
Maxwell and Julissa on BET Awards 2016 red carpet

This VH-1 event isn’t the first red carpet they touched. They appeared last year (2016 on BET’s red carpet together for the BET Awards, but I think that flew right over folks heads too, because that was the same year our girl, Toni Braxton, showed up on BET’s red carpet with Mr. ‘Put Some Respeck On My Name’ a.k.a. Cash Money Records owner, Birman, and became the focus of memes and blogs everywhere at that time…

Toni Braxton and Birdman meme from 2016 BET Awards appearnce
Toni Braxton and Birdman meme from 2016 BET Awards appearnce

Well now, Maxwell and Julissa are stealing the red carpet shine and we’re happy that they’re happy.

Julissa’s Other Celebrity Relationship

Former NFL player, Larry Johnson, with then fiance', Julissa
Former NFL player, Larry Johnson, with then fiance’, Julissa

This is Julissa’s second public relationship as far as we know. From 2005 to 2008 she was in a serious relationship with former NFL player, Larry Johnson. It was widely reported that their relationship was pretty rocky and in 2008, they called off their engagement. When Julissa ran into Larry during the filming of an episode of Empire Girls in 2012, she was reduced to tears after he told her he was happily in love with the mother of his then new child and had finally stopped drinking- something Julissa had long hoped he’d do.

Maxwell & Julissa Are Happy Now

Maxwell and Julissa chilling on a Miami beach with friends
Maxwell and Julissa chilling on a Miami beach

However, as you can see from these lovey-dovey pics of she and Maxwell though, there are no more tears she’s crying…unless they are truly tears of joy, because from the looks of it, this couple has been genuinely happy for years now.

King + Queen Of Hearts Documentary Coming Soon

By the way, be on the lookout for the new King + Queen of Hearts tour documentary featuring Maxwell and Mary J. Blige. Check out a snippet below…


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