Whaat? Woman Claims Jagged Edge Singer & His Crew Did UNTHINKABLE To Her!

Posted On : September 26, 2016

R&B group, Jagged Edge, is no stranger to a lil’ bit of controversy. Take, for example, the time JE member, Kyle Norman,  was arrested for and admitted to viciously beating his wife and shoving her engagement ring down her throat (see details of that at the bottom of this article).

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This time it’s JE member, Brandon Casey (one of the twins of the group), who’s gotten caught up in some controversy with a female, who has just gotten a restraining order against Casey after she said he and his crew did the unthinkable to her, which I hope isn’t true. Check out the details:

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Via TMZ: One of the guys from Jagged Edge doesn’t want the party outside his house, if the party involves a kid on a skateboard … according to the kid’s mom, who says the singer and his crew beat her down. The woman is Brandon Casey’s next door neighbor, and in court docs she says a fight erupted in her driveway when someone in Casey’s house got pissed about her son skateboarding. The person apparently thought the kid was on Casey’s property.

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The neighbor says a heated argument got amped up when 6 people ran out of Casey’s house and “began to pummel” her. She says her husband had to break up the brawl. She went to court to request, and was granted, a restraining order. Casey must now stay 25 feet away from the neighbor and her family. The woman says she’s been staying at a hotel for fear of another attack.

Not sure if the woman’s claims are true just yet, because at this point we haven’t seen ‘receipts’ to back up her claims. So we’ll have to sit back and see how this unfolds and in the meantime Casey will probably have to get lawyered up.



fb jagged kyle and wife
Kyle Norman and his wife, Marrika

Last year (2015) Jagged Edge singer, Kyle Norman, viciously beat his wife, Marrika. Kyle also admitted that in addition to beating her, he choked her and he tried to make her swallow her engagement ring, by attempting to shove it down her throat.

Jagged Edge
Jagged Edge

It’s been about a year since that brutal incident and Kyle and his wife are back together. In fact, they were just dating when the attack happened, but immediately after the attack, Kyle asked Marrika to do what Jagged Edge’s song says and that was to “meet him at the altar in no time flat”…and Marrikka agreed.

They recently appeared on the Steve Harvey Show to address the situation publicly and Marikka revealed that after she decided to get back with Kyle, it cost her a lot- it ruined her career, some of her family members, including her father, have stopped speaking to her because they hate that she has placed herself back into possibly a dangerous situation with Kyle. Those weren’t the only things Marika and Kyle lost though, they also lost their foster child immediately after their altercation went down at their home, which apparently hurt the child tremendously because she didn’t want to leave. Here is the first part of what Marrikka explained about why she took Kyle back and what her father did after their fight:

See how Steve Harvey kept it 100% real with Kyle about his abusive ways…

Marrikka responds to people who may think that she is naive for taking Kyle back after the abuse:

Kyle and Marrika’s interview left people with mixed reactions- some say that Kyle is taking steps in the right direction by owning up to his actions and some say once an abuser, always an abuser and that Marrika is out of her mind for getting back with him.

We applaud the Kyle for willingly speaking out about what he did, BUT we do not applaud him for beating his wife- his Queen, whom he is supposed to protect and love unconditionally. So I think the only upside in this, is that it does take a real man to own up to his wrongs and at least Kyle did do that on national television for all of the world to witness and ridicule. Maybe one day, Marrika’s loved ones will be able to forgive him-but never forget. We wish Kyle the best with his road to redemption and his recovery from alcoholism and domestic abuse.

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