What Do U Think About This Temptations Singer’s Newest Music Video?

Posted On : August 23, 2015

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We’ll get right to the point with this one ILOSM fam.’ Remember Temptations member, Ron Tyson? If you need to refresh your memory you can check out their classic jam “Treat Her Like a Lady” below…

His newest video you’re about to see of Ron Tyson was sent to us a while back and we wanted to see what you all though about it. It’s Tyson’s single titled “Got My Swagger Back” and he released it a few years ago.

We think it’s great that Tyson’s creating new music again, but we want to know what you think: Does he “have his swagger back,” or no?

It’s great that the brotha is still doing his thing in music. In fact, he’s currently touring and performing with his Temptations brothers. See a recent performance of them after you tap the next button…