A “What’s Happening” Actress Is The Real Life Daughter Of Ja’Net “Willona” Dubois

Posted On : August 28, 2018


If you’re a fan of What’s Happening or Good Times, chances are you have seen actress, Ja’Net Dubois’ (“Willona”) REAL LIFE daughter and didn’t even know it. She’s made several appearances on those two shows in the 70’s. She was always cast as the ‘pretty girl’ or the ‘puppy love interest’ of one of the male characters on the show.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.35.13 AM
Ja’Net Duboi’s daughter, Rani Dubois, in “What’s Happening” episode (screen-grab)

Her most memorable role probably came from the What’s Happening “Shirley’s Date” episode in the video below, where she played the girl who got stood up by “Dwayne” and threw a drink in his face. She’s played a student, a cheerleader and various other roles on Good Times and What’s Happening between 1976 and 1979. Check out this throwback video clip of Ja’Net’s daughter, Rani Dubois, here…

Today you might find Rani making public appearances with her Mom, and if you haven’t seen these two in recent years, they are just as beautiful as EVER! A lot of us fellas had a crush on “Willona” back in the day and we still have a crush on her now!

Ja'Net Dubois (R) with her daughter, Rani Dubois (L)
Ja’Net Dubois (R) with her daughter, Rani Dubois (L) (Getty)

An Old School fun fact about Ja’Net Dubois, is that although she played the best friend of JJ’s mother, “Florida,” she is only 2 years older than Jimmie Walker (“JJ”). Wow, who knew? Ja’Net is 73 years young and Jimmie is 71. Wouldn’t have thought that based on their roles on Good Times.
Another fun fact is that Ja’Net Dubois and Janet Jackson are still very close and Janet sees her as a mentor.
Thank you “Willona” for making us laugh and having that sassy attitude while doing it.