Fans Very Stunned By Which “Roots” Actor Has Kids With This “Cagney & Lacey” Star

Posted On : April 30, 2015

agney and laceyRemember when actress, Tyne Daly, played the tough “Detective Mary Beth” on the TV show, Cagney & Lacey?

Well, what many of us didn’t know was that during that time, Tyne was was married to a very popular actor who had a significant role in the Alex Haley TV miniseries, Roots. Tyne and this Roots actor were married for 24 years and have three children together.

Meet Her Superstar “Roots” Ex-Husband & Kid’s’ Father

Tyne Daly and Husband Georg Stanford Brown during "Hard Times" Benefit Performance for the Homeless at LA Theater Center in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)
Tyne Daly and her then-husband, actor Georg Stanford Brown

He starred as “Chicken George’s” (Ben Vereen) son, “Tom,” from the historic miniseries, Roots. You know him well, his name is Georg Stanford Brown.

Georg is also known for his roles in The Rookies, Stir Crazy, and most recently the FX drama, Nip/Tuck. He and Tyne Daly’s romance seems really unlikely, but their story is actually interesting.

George Stanford Brown as "Tom" in "Roots"
George Stanford Brown as “Tom” in “Roots”

They started dating in 1965 when they met at at American Musical and Dramatic Academy that they both attended. She was a privileged, Caucasian rich kid with the successful actor dad, James Daly, and George Stanford Brown was the poor kid Black kid from Harlem, who was working hard to pay his tuition, by being the school’s janitor. As you can see, they came from two different worlds, but they fell in love and as we mentioned earlier, had 24 years of marital bliss from 1966 to 1990.

Georg was born in Havana, Cuba to West Indian parents who didn’t have much money, but he said they always made sure to expose him to things that would spark his creativity with books, travel and music. “That gave me the vision and feeling that I wouldn’t settle for what surrounded me,” says Georg.

It sounds like their incredible passion for acting is what brought these two together and through their union, they produced two daughters, Alyxandra Brown (32), Alisabeth Brown (50), and Kathyrn Dora Brown (47), who is also an actress in film and television.

Meet Their Kids

George and Tyne's daughter, actress Kathryne Dora Brown
George and Tyne’s daughter, actress Kathryne Dora Brown

Kathryne Dora Brown with her father, actor-director, Georg Stanford Brown.
Kathryne Dora Brown with her father, actor-director, Georg Stanford Brown.

Tyne Daly with she and Georg Stanford Brown's daughter, Alyxandra Brown
Tyne Daly with she and Georg Stanford Brown’s daughter, Alyxandra Brown

On a side note, our girl Tyne Daly also dated the man best known as Prince’s dad in the film, Purple Rain, Clarence Williams. They were an item for years and they started dating after her divorce from Georg Stanford Brown, but they’re no longer together.