Whitney Houston’s Estate Heated Over ‘Whitney Joke’ At Golden Globes Awards

Posted On : January 11, 2023

(L) Whitney Houston; (inset photo) Whitney’s sister-in-law/former manager, Pat Houston

If you all missed the Golden Globes Award 2023 — either because you forgot to watch it; or simply didn’t give a damn…because it can be a snooze fest at times — there was one part that has everyone talking. Which part of the show is that, you ask? The segment where comedian/actor, Jerrod Carmichael, pissed off Whitney Houston’s estate a.k.a. Pat Houston– Whitney’s longtime manage/sister-in-law and sole executor of the estate.

The Controversial Whitney Joke

As Carmichael was hosting the Golden Globes, he cracked a sarcastic joke about the awards show being held in the same hotel where Whitney sadly died:

“So, we are here, live, from the hotel that killed Whitney Houston, the Beverly Hilton.”

As y’all could imagine, Carmichael’s joke garnered a mixture of ‘oohs,’ ‘ahhs,’ gasps, and a few laughs. However, Pat Houston was far from kicks and giggles after catching wind of the Whitney-joke. In fact, she’s reportedly hella pissed that the Golden Globes would allow their host to joke about Whitney’s death like that.

In a statement on Pat Houston’s behalf, a rep said:

“The Whitney Houston Estate is disappointed in the joke, and felt it was in poor taste.”

At this point, it’s unclear if the big wigs runnin’ the show even knew Carmichael was going to crack on Whitney like that. In the video clip above, it kinda seems like Carmichael created his joke off in the spur of the moment. At any rate, pretty sure Whitney’s loved ones couldn’t care less if Carmichael’s joke was pre-rehearsed or not.

As for Jerrod Carmichael’s stance on that apparently hot pot he’s now stirred up, he has yet to speak out on it. But this is familiar territory for him, his style of comedy has been known to be both controversial and insightful at the same time. This time though, he may have tipped the scale too far on the scale of sensitivity.