Who Was Your Old School Crush?

Posted On : August 5, 2014

Do you remember having celebrity crushes? Tell us who was your Old School celebrity childhood crush. (If your’s isn’t pictured, tell us who it is). There are way to many to name, but here are a few:

Old School Crush


Micheal Jackson, Bobby Brown, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Jane Kennedy, Billy Dee Williams, Jody Watley,
Jackee’ Harry, Al B. Sure, Pam Grier, Janet Jackson, Marvin Gaye, BernNadette Stanis, but if your crush isn’t listed, tell us!

What do our celebrity crushes say about us or our significant others? Do they mean anything? Are they indicative of “types” we have, unfulfilled longing, secret desires, or just a random selection from the vast amount of celebrities paraded in front of us, because we can?

I submit they are a way of talking through every facet of ourselves and our needs and outsourcing what cannot be possibly met by any one person to the imaginary boyfriends in our heads. Uh, right?

What about when you find out your significant other’s crushes are nothing at all like you? Will that change how you feel about them? Interested in knowing what you think. I love the idea of meeting a celebrity crush, but that hasn’t happened yet…what about you?