Whoa! After Tank Exposed L&HH’s Moniece,She Drops MAJOR BOMBSHELLS About Him

Posted On : January 18, 2017

There has been some crazy back and forth going on between singer, Tank and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s, Moniece Slaughter. After Tank did an interview putting Moniece on blast, she has now responded with some SERIOUS claims of her own regarding Tank and she even did some name dropping involving other celebs to back up her claims…


tank moniece and game Moniece also claims that Tank's girlfriend, Zena, retaliated on him by cheating with rapper, The Game:

"And then she cheated on you with The Game and some more people. She also had a c-section to give you a son on your birthday. You’ve got a son that you made on a drunken night, off a lot of Patron. Who you had a very public custody battle for. Who you don’t really see, raise or spend time with. You should focus on your children, your dysfunctional relationship. You should continue to perform at very small venues, disrespecting your woman by allowing female fans to grope your genitalia and raw, sweaty chest."
Geesh! Moniece said a lot. You can see what else she said in her full interview clip, where she drops more names, reveals how her famous gospel singer Dad tried to warn her about talking Tank and more. Warning: Contains graphic language>>>
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